High Quality Acrylic Paints and Plasters

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Intonachino Fassa RTA549 Bianco
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Intonachino Fassa RTA549 WhiteFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Fissativo Fassa FA249
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Fassa FA249 fixativeFASSA In stock
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Pittura al Quarzo Fassa MR287 Bianca
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Fassa MR287 White Quartz PaintFASSA In stock
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High Quality Acrylic Paints and Plasters

Welcome to, your trusted online shop for high quality acrylic paints and plasters for exteriors! If you are looking for the best products to protect and decorate the external surfaces of your home, you are in the right place. Our paint and plaster collection is designed for durability, weather resistance and a flawless appearance.

High Quality Acrylic Paints and Plasters

Our exterior acrylic paints and renders are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, ideal for any renovation or new build project. Whether you are painting the facade of a house or applying plaster to an external wall, you will find the perfect product for your needs.

Difference between Intonachino and Exterior Paint

  Intonachino: Intonachino is an acrylic resin-based wall covering that is applied in a thick layer to create a decorative and protective surface . In addition to improving aesthetics, the plaster provides excellent protection against atmospheric agents, humidity and UV rays. It is ideal for creating particular textures and finishes, such as a rustic or modern effect.

Exterior Paint: Exterior acrylic paint is a liquid product that is applied in thin layers. It is mainly used to color and protect external surfaces, offering a smooth and uniform finish. Acrylic paint is weather resistant, easy to apply and available in a wide range of colours.

Advantages of Our Products

  Long-Term Protection: Both products are formulated to resist the elements, protecting external surfaces from wear, weather and rays UV.

Variety of Finishes: We offer different finishing options to satisfy every aesthetic need, from smooth to textured surfaces.

Easy to Apply: Our products are easy to apply, guaranteeing a professional result even for those who try their hand at do-it-yourself.

Durability: Both acrylic paints and plasters offer long life, keeping surfaces beautiful and protected over time.

Advice for a Perfect Result

To get the best results with our exterior paints and plasters, follow these simple tips:

 1. Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly, removing dirt, dust and old peeling paint.

2. Use of the Primer: Before applying paint or plaster, use a suitable primer to improve the adhesion and durability of the product.

3. Correct Application: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application, using the appropriate tools such as brushes, rollers or spatulas.

4. Climatic Conditions: Avoid applying products in conditions of high humidity or extreme temperatures to ensure proper drying.

Why Choose

On, quality is our priority. Each product in our collection of exterior acrylic paints and renders is selected to ensure excellent performance and meet the needs of our customers. We offer dedicated customer service and fast shipping throughout Italy.

Don't wait! Visit our section dedicated to exterior paints and plasters and discover how to protect and decorate your surfaces with the best products on the market. With, every project becomes a success.

Visit today and start your next decoration project with the best exterior paints and plasters!