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Buy Akifix tools online: plate lifters, trolleys, spatulas and much more. Discover the entire range on the Emmeti Store website.

Showing 1 - 39 of 39 products
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Adattatore ad angolo Akifix NAUE22001
Sale price€69,00 Regular price€79,00
Akifix NAUE22001 corner adapterAKIFIX SPA In stock
Save €86,00
Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01001
Sale price€329,00 Regular price€415,00
Akifix NAP01001 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
Save €24,00
Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01002
Sale price€405,00 Regular price€429,00
Akifix NAP01002 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Save €190,00
Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01003
Sale price€649,00 Regular price€839,00
Akifix NAP01003 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
Save €30,00
Alzalastre Tytanus Akifix NAP01004
Sale price€449,00 Regular price€479,00
Tytanus Akifix NAP01004 plate lifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
Botola d'ispezione Cartongesso
Sale priceFrom €22,00
Plasterboard inspection hatchAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Cesoia Superprofessionale Akifix NAT21001BQ
Cesoia Titanium Pro Akifix NAT21001TBQ
Coltello a Caldo Akifix NAF33100 190W
Sale price€119,00
Hot Knife Akifix NAF33100 190WAKIFIX SPA In stock
Corda Cricchetto Akifix NADC29003
Sale price€18,00
Akifix NADC29003 Ratchet RopeAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Corda Cricchetto Akifix NADC29004
Sale price€29,00
Akifix NADC29004 Ratchet RopeAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Corda Elastica 120cm Akifix NADC30002M
Cutter Akifix Lama 18mm
Sale price€6,00
Cutter Akifix 18mm bladeAKIFIX SPA Sold out
Dischi Carta Abrasiva Akifix da 215mm
Sale price€32,50
Akifix 215mm Abrasive Paper DiscsAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
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Filo di Ferro Ritorto 5 Kg
Sale price€26,90
Twisted Iron Wire 5 KgAKIFIX SPA In stock
Frattone Inox Akifix Bordi Arrotondati
Frattone Inox Akifix Bordi Diritti
Frattone Inox Akifix NATG02001
Inserto per occhielli Akifix 5mm
Sale price€10,00
Akifix 5mm eyelet insertAKIFIX SPA In stock
Lama di Ricambio Seghetto NAT16004
Lama Ricambio Pialletto Akifix NAP07002
Lame Grandi NAT07004 25 mm Pz10
Lame Standard NAT07002 18 mm Pz10
Metro in Legno Akifix da 2 mt
Sale price€11,90
2 m Akifix wooden measuring tapeAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Molla doppia per pendino Akifix
Sale price€1,30
Double spring for Akifix hangerAKIFIX In stock
Pialletto Professionale Pvc Akifix NAP10001
Sale price€9,90
Akifix NAP10001 Professional PVC PlanerAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Save €7,10
Portainserti Magnetico Akifix Power
Sale price€17,90 Regular price€25,00
Akifix Power Magnetic Bit HolderAKIFIX SPA In stock
Punzonatrice Akifix Best
Sale price€49,50
Akifix Best punching machineAKIFIX SPA In stock
Sega Compasso Akifix NAUE18004
Sale price€17,50
Akifix Compass Saw NAUE18004AKIFIX SPA In stock
Seghetto Manico Gomma Akifix NAT16003
Spatola a campana Akifix acciaio Inox
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Save €70,00
Taglierina a caldo Akifix per taglio polistirolo
Sale price€429,00 Regular price€499,00
Akifix hot cutter for cutting polystyreneAKIFIX SPA In stock
Tasca in pelle Akifix NE11002
Sale price€16,40
Akifix NE11002 leather pocketAKIFIX SPA In stock
Tassello Cappotto Akifix Ferrakifix
Sale priceFrom €36,00
Akifix Coat Gusset FerrakifixAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Tracciatore Akifix NSM10002
Sale price€12,90
Akifix NSM10002 trackerAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
EXTRA 5%Save €20,50
Trapano miscelatore Akifix AKP 1200W
Sale price€109,00 Regular price€129,50
Akifix AKP 1200W mixer drillAKIFIX SPA In stock
Valigetta Akifix per taglierina AKP
Sale price€124,00
Akifix case for AKP cutterAKIFIX SPA Re-stocking soon
Vite punta chiodo a nastro Akifix
Sale priceFrom €19,90
Akifix tape nail tip screwAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Vite testa piatta elica Akifix
Sale priceFrom €6,50
Akifix propeller flat head screwAKIFIX SPA In stock
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AKIFIX: professional tools and equipment


On Emmeti Store we offer a selection of the best products from Akifix, a company with over 25 years of history specializing in components for plasterboard installations, systems fixings, supports for external insulation work, lighting engineering and tools.

The brand guarantees quality and reliable items, capable of simplifying work.

In the catalog offered in our e-commerce there are the Akifix plate lifters, very useful tools for lifting plasterboard panels effortlessly and safely. At the same time you can find many Akifix accessories for plasterboard, such as the inspection hatch with removable door and adjustable compass saws.

Furthermore, there are also Akifix tools, such as the cutter for hard materials and the professional shears for cutting galvanized sheet metal: ultra-resistant products designed specifically for frequent use. Also not to be missed are the Akifix machines, including the Flamingo 750W sander with integrated vacuum cleaner and power regulation system.

We at Emmeti Store We have chosen Akifix as a supplier because the company boasts the ISO9001 certification, held since 2007 thanks to its efforts in technological innovation and in the development of advanced solutions to improve the quality level of its products. This is evident on flagship items such as the Akifix lasers, including the slope detection tool the Akifix laser level.

Akifix solutions for plasterboard

Among the brand's specialties are the Akifix plasterboard products, a series of tools and accessories created to meet the needs of installers. plasterboard is a highly appreciated material in building renovations, and is composed of dehydrated gypsum sheets covered with cardboard, with models of variable dimensions and densities.

The main advantages of plasterboard are the speed of assembly and the reduced cost of installation, however it is essential to use the right machinery and tools to guarantee these qualities. The best choice are the Akifix plasterboard lifters, innovative tools with telescopic arm, wheeled movement and maximum height of up to 5.40 metres, to work safely and without fatigue.

For assembling and fixing the panels there are Akifix accessories for plasterboard, with a truly complete offer for every operation to be carried out with the sheets and finishes. For example, the catalog includes the hacksaw with rubber handle which eliminates pre-drilling, or the Power magnetic bit holder to transform the rack drill into a screwdriver.

Akifix products: prices and purchase methods

All the products in the Akifix line are characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio, for this reason we have decided to include them in our e-commerce. In particular, the Akifix panel lifts are the company's flagship device for plasterboard installations, offered at a truly convenient cost considering the advantages it is able to ensure.

The same goes for the Akifix accessories, from the Latex elastic safety cord to the stainless steel spatula for perfect installation. On Emmeti Store you can purchase the best Akifix products for construction and DIY, taking advantage of free shipping over 150 euros, for info and conditions. The return methods no later than 15 days following delivery.