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Buy the best professional garden shredder online on Emmeti Store. Discover the best brands: free shipping over €150.

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Biotrituratore Makita UD2500 2500W
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Makita UD2500 2500W garden shredderMAKITA Re-stocking soon
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Biotrituratore Bosch AXT Rapid 2200W
Sale price€281,00 Regular price€340,00
Bosch AXT Rapid 2200W garden shredderBOSCH Sold out

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Biotrituratore Ryobi RSH2545B 2500W
Sale price€205,00 Regular price€230,00
Ryobi RSH2545B 2500W garden shredderRYOBI Re-stocking soon
Biotrituratore Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W
Sale price€552,00
Bosch AXT 25 TC 2500W garden shredderBOSCH Sold out

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Garden shredders: the best online offers

Wood shredders: the best brands online

On Emmeti Store you will find quality garden shredders at competitive prices, essential machinery to facilitate the disposal of green waste. These devices allow you to reduce the branches obtained from cleaning the garden, to chop up waste from the maintenance of flowerbeds, hedges, trees and ornamental plants in a simple and practical way.

An electric shredder is a perfect device for minimizing green waste, avoiding taking leaves and branches to the landfill or throwing them in the separate bin. After shredding these natural residues, it is possible to use the compound to prepare an organic fertilizer, a 100% ecological solution for fertilizing plants and flowers without the use of chemical products.

The branch shredder is an efficient, silent and safe machine, equipped with wheels to move it where needed to dispose of pruning waste in a fast and functional way. With the shovel supplied it is possible to convey the branches without risk, however we also offer a wide choice of clothing and accessories to work safely, with a vast assortment of work gloves and protective glasses. 

Different models of professional wood shredder from the best brands in the sector are available in our online store, which can be purchased at affordable prices with free returns and shipping included. We also offer everything you need for gardening, from manual tools for green maintenance to electric and battery-powered tools such as brushcutters and blowers.

How to choose the right branch shredder

The petrol or electric wood shredder must be chosen carefully, evaluating its features and functionality to identify the product best suited to your needs. First of all, the performance of the machine must be adequate for the residues to be treated, based on the size of the garden and the plants to be pruned during the year.

The cutting system must be efficient, considering the thickness of the branches to be chopped. For example, the Bosch leaf shredder is equipped with high-quality Swiss blades, capable of providing optimal performance in shredding green garden waste, for fast and effective disposal of branches and waste with a capacity up to 230 kilograms per hour. 

Furthermore, the motor power and cutting speed must be taken into account. The weight must not be excessive, to easily transport the organic shredder from one part of the green space to another without too much effort. Finally, it is advisable to check the range of accessories and safety systems, to purchase a complete and safe machine to use.

Bill shredders: prices and advantages

Bill shredders are very useful devices for the maintenance of green areas, essential tools for the disposal of waste from pruning and cleaning the garden. These devices allow the recycling of natural resources, so as not to throw away residues but to use them to nourish plants and flowers in a green and ecological way.

The price of a garden shredder depends on a series of aspects, including technology, power, integrated functions and branch treatment capacity. On Emmeti Store you can take advantage of advantageous prices, furthermore you always find excellent offers on garden care tools, just consult the appropriate section and discover the products on which you can obtain additional savings.