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Buy the Spit Pulsa 40 nail gun online, the gas-battery nailer perfect for dry systems. Find out more about Emmeti Store.

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 products
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Chiodo Spit C6 1500pz
Sale priceFrom €265,00 Regular price€279,00
Spit nail C6 1500pcsSPIT In stock
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Chiodo Spit HC6 500pz
Sale price€135,00
HC6 Spit Nail 500pcsSPIT Re-stocking soon
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Save €10,00
Bomboletta Spit Blister (2 gas)
Sale price€89,00 Regular price€99,00
Spit Blister canister (2 gas)SPIT Re-stocking soon
Chiodo Spit HC6 1500pz 6x15mm
Sale price€289,00
HC6 Spit Nail 1500pcs 6x15mmSPIT Sold out
Save €20,00
Batteria Spit per Pulsa 800 P/E
Sale price€79,00 Regular price€99,00
Spit battery for Pulsa 800 P/ESPIT In stock
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Caricabatterie Spit per Pulsa 800 P/E
Sale price€73,00 Regular price€99,00
Spit charger for Pulsa 800 P/ESPIT In stock
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Chiodatrice Spit Pulsa 40P+
Sale price€973,00 Regular price€1.049,00
Pulsa 40P+ Spit NailerSPIT Re-stocking soon

Batterie Incluse — 1

Ancorante Pesante Universale Spit Trider B
Sale price€1,45
Spit Trider B Universal Heavy AnchorSPIT Re-stocking soon
Save €76,00
Chiodatrice Spit Pulsa 40E
Sale price€973,00 Regular price€1.049,00
Pulsa 40E Spit NailerSPIT Re-stocking soon

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Chiodi testa piatta Spit C9 striscia
Sale priceFrom €79,00
Flat head nails Spit C9 stripSPIT Only 1 unit left
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Carica Propulsiva Spit 6,3/10
Sale price€19,00
Spit Propulsive Charge 6.3/10SPIT
In stock, 11 units
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Tassello Spit XTECH/VCB 10x50
Sale price€0,85
XTECH/VCB 10x50 Spit AnchorSPIT In stock
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Chiodi Lisci Spit Paslode
Sale priceFrom €122,00
Paslode Smooth Spit NailsSPIT In stock
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Aspirapolvere Spit AC 1625W
Sale price€799,00
Spit AC 1625W vacuum cleanerSPIT Re-stocking soon
Eclip Spit 32mm
Sale price€6,50
Eclip Spit 32mmSPIT Re-stocking soon
Eclip Spit 25mm
Sale price€9,00
Eclip Spit 25mmSPIT In stock
Chiodi testa piatta Spit C9
Sale priceFrom €30,00
Spit C9 flat head nailsSPIT In stock
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Levigatrice Spit DWS 225 + AC 1625 550W
Sale price€1.599,00 Regular price€1.611,00
Spit DWS 225 + AC 1625 550W sanderSPIT Re-stocking soon
Chiodo Spit C6 800P 500pz
Sale price€135,00
Spit nail C6 800P 500pcsSPIT In stock
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Chiodatrice Legno Spit IM90Xi
Sale price€1.195,00
Spit Wood Nailer IM90XiSPIT Re-stocking soon

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Save €80,00
Levigatrice orbitale Spit SG125E 1800W
Sale price€919,00 Regular price€999,00
Spit SG125E 1800W orbital sanderSPIT Re-stocking soon
Chiodatrice Spit Pulsa 40E Promo
Sale priceFrom €1.199,00
Spit pulse nailor 40E promoSPIT Re-stocking soon

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Chiodatrice Spit Pulsa 40P+ Promo
Sale priceFrom €1.199,00
Cloister Spit Pulsa 40p+ PromoSPIT Re-stocking soon

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Chiodatrice Spit P370
Sale price€767,00 Regular price€849,00
Spit nailer P370SPIT Re-stocking soon
Save €360,00
Tassellatore Avvitatore Spit Bull 36V 6,2 Ah
Sale price€1.079,00 Regular price€1.439,00
Spit Bull 36V 6.2 Ah screwdriverSPIT Re-stocking soon

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Dischi Carta Abrasiva Spit da 225mm
Sale price€48,00
225mm Spit Sandpaper DiscsSPIT In stock
Levigatrice Spit DWS 225 550W
Sale price€899,00
Spit DWS 225 550W sanderSPIT Re-stocking soon

Spit: professional nail guns and nailers


The Spit nail guns are tools designed for intensive use but also suitable for DIY. All the products offered on the Emmeti Store are official Paslode articles, an American company founded in 1935 specialized in the production of professional nail guns, accessories and nails.

The Spit gas nailers are battery-powered models, light machines weighing just 3.7 kg, so they don't get tired even if used for a long time. In particular, you can find two models in the store, the Spit Pulsa 800P+ nail gun with a power of 100W, or the Spit Pulsa 800E nailer with a power of 82W.

Both devices use powerful and reliable lithium ion batteries, furthermore they allow you to work both on hard materials such as steel and concrete, and on soft ones such as plaster, wood and bricks. Spit nailers create very few vibrations, have a comfortable grip, LED indicators for gas and battery charge status, with Start & Go system for energy saving.

The catalog also includes the original Spit nails compatible with the Pulsa 800 models, with packs of 500 or 1500 pieces, spare parts for the gas canisters, the replacement battery and the Spit battery charger. In the selection of products there is also the Spit gun for applying polyurethane expansive foam.

How to use a Pulsa 800 Spit nailer

The Spit Pulsa 800 nail guns are battery-powered models, with a gas system for applying nails quickly, safely and efficiently. These are power tools appreciated above all in carpentry, capable of firing normal nails or with twisted tips. The device is suitable for dry systems, has an automatic adjustment mechanism and the compact shape allows the fixing of nails even in narrow spaces.

The Spit Nail Gun range offers devices that are easy to use, light and easy to handle, with advanced safety systems, anti-jam technology and a capacity of up to 3000 nails with a single charge . To work simply insert the battery, mount the bit cartridge and apply the gas canister, applying only light pressure before firing the nail into position. 

The professional Spit nailers have a high capacity, up to 500 nails with a gas can, with an Easy Push mechanism that helps in shooting precision. The structure is modular and all components can be dismantled, from the barrel to the magazine, a solution that allows you to replace any accessory or clean it in a really simple and quick way.

Why buy a Spit nailer

The Spit nail gun is a truly indispensable power tool, with which to quickly and precisely fix nails and tips of various types. With these devices you can make fixings on hard and soft materials such as concrete, steel, wood and bricks, working in complex environments and in restricted spaces. 

With the Spit nailer products from Emmeti Store you can purchase lightweight, comfortable to use and reliable tools, with minimal vibrations, reduced noise and an excellent quality-price ratio. In the store there are also original Spit spare parts, from nails to gas cans, offered at an advantageous price with various offers and special promotions.