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The Pennellificio Bulova has arrived on the Emmeti Store, many products for decorators, products ready for delivery, the best here for you.

Showing 1 - 39 of 39 products
Frattone Bulova Nela Edge
Sale priceFrom €25,00
Bulova Nela Edge trowelBULOVA In stock
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Radiatore Bulova Xpaint S.38
Sale priceFrom €2,60
Bulova Xpaint S.38 radiatorBULOVA Sold out
Rullo Professionale Bulova 654
Sale price€10,00
Bulova 654 Professional RollerBULOVA Re-stocking soon
Stucco Baixens RX-608 Air Man
Sale price€46,90
Baixens RX-608 Air Man puttyBULOVA Re-stocking soon
Frattone a due mani Bulova 5020
Sale price€27,00
Bulova 5020 two-handed trowelBULOVA Sold out
Pennellessa Bulova Xpaint S.16
Sale priceFrom €3,50
Bulova Xpaint S.16 brushBULOVA In stock, 113 units
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Manico Rullo Bulova Soft Touch
Sale price€3,80
Bulova Soft Touch Roller HandleBULOVA In stock
Rullo Professionale Bulova Sonix
Sale priceFrom €1,50
Bulova Sonix Professional RollerBULOVA In stock
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Plafoniera Bulova Xpaint S.154
Sale priceFrom €13,80
Bulova Xpaint S.154 ceiling lightBULOVA In stock
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Manico Rullo Bulova 533 BAC
Sale priceFrom €4,50
Bulova 533 BAC Roller HandleBULOVA Re-stocking soon
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Nastro Masking Bulova 5155
Sale priceFrom €2,45
Bulova 5155 Masking TapeBULOVA In stock
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Manico Gambo Lungo Bulova 522L
Sale price€1,30
Bulova 522L Long Shank HandleBULOVA In stock
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Save €4,40
Stucco Baixens RX-400 Rualaix Elastic
Sale priceFrom €15,50 Regular price€19,90
Baixens RX-400 Rualaix Elastic puttyBULOVA In stock
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Mini Rullo Bulova 625
Sale priceFrom €0,80
Bulova 625 Mini RollerBULOVA In stock, 13 units
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Rullo Professionale Bulova 630
Sale price€5,90
Bulova 630 Professional RollerBULOVA In stock, 34 units
Plafoncino Bulova Xpaint S.201
Sale priceFrom €7,40
Bulova Xpaint S.201 ceiling lightBULOVA In stock, 28 units
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Rullo Professionale Bulova Cosmix
Sale priceFrom €1,50
Bulova Cosmix Professional RollerBULOVA In stock
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Nylon Universale Bulova 650 gr
Sale price€6,60
Bulova Universal Nylon 650 grBULOVA In stock
Rullo Professionale Bulova Atomix
Sale priceFrom €1,50
Bulova Atomix Professional RollerBULOVA In stock
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Rullo Professionale Bulova 556
Sale price€4,50
Bulova 556 Professional RollerBULOVA Sold out
Rete Scolarullo Bulova 521
Sale price€2,49
Bulova 521 Scolarullo networkBULOVA In stock
Pennello Belle Arti-Cinese Bianca Bulova 579
Sale priceFrom €0,75
Fine Arts-Chinese Brush Bianca Bulova 579BULOVA Sold out
Mini Rullo Bulova 519
Sale priceFrom €0,80
Bulova 519 Mini RollerBULOVA Sold out
Mini Rullo Bulova 554
Sale priceFrom €0,90
Bulova 554 Mini RollerBULOVA In stock, 100 units
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Pennello Strozzato Bulova 400
Sale priceFrom €0,95
Bulova 400 Strangled BrushBULOVA Sold out
Decor Bulova Xpaint S.467
Sale priceFrom €5,70
Decor Bulova Xpaint S.467BULOVA In stock, 9 units
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Manico Gambo Corto Bulova 522C
Sale price€1,40
Bulova 522C Short Shank HandleBULOVA In stock, 14 units
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Nastro Washi Bulova Rosa
Sale priceFrom €5,15
Bulova Pink Washi TapeBULOVA In stock
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Pennello Belle Arti-Cinese Bianca Bulova 582
Sale priceFrom €0,85
Fine Arts-Chinese brush Bianca Bulova 582BULOVA In stock, 21 units
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Mini Rullo Bulova 534
Sale price€3,00
Bulova 534 Mini RollerBULOVA In stock, 9 units
Rullo Professionale Bulova 559
Sale price€7,80
Bulova 559 Professional RollerBULOVA In stock, 5 units
Frattone Sicodur 28x13
Sale price€16,90
Sicodur trowel 28x13BULOVA In stock
Telo con nastro adesivo Bulova HD - PE 5101
Telo con nastro adesivo Bulova HD - PE 5102
Pennellessa Bulova Xpaint S.32
Sale priceFrom €4,20
Bulova Xpaint S.32 brushBULOVA In stock
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Pennellessa Inglese Bulova Xpaint S.21
Sale priceFrom €3,40
Bulova Xpaint S.21 English brushBULOVA In stock, 34 units
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Nastro Washi Bulova Arancio
Sale priceFrom €6,20
Bulova Orange Washi TapeBULOVA In stock
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Frattone Bulova 1455
Sale price€30,00
Frattone Bulova 1455BULOVA In stock
Save €10,00
Stucco Baixens RX-410 Rualaix Elastic
Sale price€39,00 Regular price€49,00
Baixens RX-410 Rualaix Elastic puttyBULOVA In stock

Bulova brush factory

Pennellificio Bulova: The Best Products for Decorators on

If you are a decorator or a painting enthusiast, you definitely need the right tools to carry out your projects. And if you are looking for high quality products, you cannot ignore the Bulova Brush Factory. offers a vast selection of Pennellificio Bulova products ready for delivery, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction for its customers. In this article, we will explore the best products offered by Pennellificio Bulova on and how they can improve your painting experience.

1. Superior Quality Brushes

Brushes are the fundamental tools for every painter. Pennellificio Bulova offers a variety of superior quality brushes, designed to meet the needs of professionals and painting lovers. Here are some of the most popular brushes available on EmmetiStore.en:

1.1 Bulova Xpaint S brush.467BULOVA

The Bulova Xpaint S brush.467BULOVA is a versatile, high quality brush suitable for different painting techniques. Thanks to its precise tip and its ability to retain an optimal amount of paint, this brush guarantees exceptional results.

1.2 Bulova Two-Handed Trowel 5020BULOVA

The Bulova 5020BULOVA Two-Handed Trowel is ideal for painting large surfaces. With an ergonomic shape and high-quality bristles, this brush allows you to quickly cover large areas without compromising the quality of your work.

1.3 Bulova trowel Nela EdgeBULOVA

The Bulova Nela EdgeBULOVA Trowel is specifically designed for the creation of high precision finishes. Its angled shape and high-quality bristles allow you to create crisp lines and precise details.

2. Professional Rollers for Perfect Painting

In addition to brushes, rollers are essential tools for obtaining uniform, quality painting. Pennellificio Bulova offers a selection of professional rollers that will help you achieve exceptional results. Here are some of the reels available on EmmetiStore.en:

2.1 Bulova Mini Roller 519BULOVA

The Bulova 519BULOVA Mini Roller is perfect for painting details and small surfaces. With its compact structure and high-quality bristles, this mini roller allows you to reach hard-to-paint areas with ease.

2.2 Bulova Masking Tape 5155BULOVA

The Bulova 5155BULOVA Masking Tape is an indispensable tool for obtaining clean and well-defined lines. This superior quality masking tape allows you to protect areas you don't want to paint, ensuring a flawless finish.

3. Essential Accessories for Your Business

Pennellificio Bulova not only offers brushes and rollers, but also a variety of essential accessories to simplify your work. Here are some of the products available on EmmetiStore.en:

3.1 Bulova 522 BULOVA

Short Shank Handle

The Bulova 522CBULOVA Short Stem Handle is a practical and high quality accessory. This handle allows you to easily attach brushes and rollers, ensuring a firm and stable grip while painting.

3.2 Bulova Orange Washi Tape BULOVA

Bulova Orange Washi Tape is perfect for masking and protecting areas when painting. With its reliable strength and adhesion, this tape will help you achieve precise results.


If you are a professional painter or a painting enthusiast, the products offered by the Bulova Pennellificio on are an excellent choice for improving the quality of your projects. From premium brushes to professional rollers and essential accessories, you'll find everything you need to create exceptional painting jobs. Don't miss the opportunity to get high quality products for your artistic passion!