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Buy electric and battery-operated shears and clippers from the best brands on Emmeti Store. You will find a vast assortment with free shipping (see conditions).

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Tagliatondini Makita DSC102Z 18V
Sale price€677,00
Makita DSC102Z 18V cord cutterMAKITA Re-stocking soon

No Batterie

Legatrice Tondini Makita DTR180Z 18V
Sale price€1.502,00
Makita DTR180Z 18V rod tying machineMAKITA Re-stocking soon

No Batterie

Tagliatondino Makita DSC191Z 18V
Sale price€2.372,00
Makita DSC191Z 18V cord cutterMAKITA Re-stocking soon

No Batterie

Tagliatondino Makita DSC251ZK 18V
Sale price€1.423,00
Makita DSC251ZK 18V cord cutterMAKITA Re-stocking soon

No Batterie

Shears and cutters from the best brands

Shears and cutters: the best offers

In the Emmeti Store e-commerce you can find a vast assortment of shears and cutters, professional quality tools for making clean and precise cuts. These are tools that allow you to cut various hard materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and fiber cement products, also making a large number of cuts in a simple and quick way.

In our dedicated online catalog there are various models of battery-powered shears, light and practical tools to use with long-lasting 18 Volt battery and ergonomic handle. Makita shears, for example, are equipped with a current limiter, a low weight of just 2 kg and high-efficiency brushless electric motors.

The Makita rod cutters, on the other hand, are perfect for cutting threaded bars in an optimal manner, finding application in many fields related to plant engineering, such as the installation of branch cabinets or brackets for air conditioners. The pliers are also suitable for construction work, to operate comfortably and effectively even in restricted spaces.

On Emmeti Store you can buy online the best models of electric shears and clippers of the Makita brand, quality tools offered at affordable prices with free shipping for orders over 150 euros. We provide fast delivery, interest-free online installment payments to pay in 3 zero-interest solutions, with an invoice that can be requested at the time of ordering for VAT holders.

What are shears and cutters and how do they work

The electric shear is a very useful power tool in various application contexts, as it allows you to make clean cuts without effort by exploiting the power of a small electric motor. The power supply is generally by battery, to ensure maximum versatility and use of the tool even in the absence of a power socket.

Obviously, compared to manual shears, electric models have superior strength, for this reason they are able to cut even hard materials such as metals. However, in some fields of application it is possible to replace electric shears with other more suitable tools, such as alternative saws or miter saws. 

The electric rod cutters on the other hand are useful above all in the construction sector, where they are used for cutting iron rods especially in the installation of structures and reinforcements but also in manual demolitions. Makita cutters are able to provide excellent performance in this context, thanks to ADT technology which allows you to optimally manage speed and torque. 

How to choose shears and cutters

When choosing electric shears and cutters it is essential to consider some main aspects, starting from the quality of the machine and the power of the motor, so that the tools are suitable for the type of work to be carried out. Furthermore, it is necessary to check the compatibility with the materials to be cut, checking the characteristics of the product in the technical data sheet.

Naturally, advanced safety systems must not be missing, to guarantee maximum operator protection during the cutting phases. Likewise, it is necessary to check that the tool is light enough and easy to handle, easy to use and reliable, with a fast charging battery and capable of providing good operating time.