Dehumidifying plaster: the best plasters

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Buy quality and natural dehumidifying plasters online on the Emmeti Isolanti website. Place your order: shipping and returns are always free.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Kerakoll Benessere Bio 18kg
Sale price€24,00
Kerakoll Wellbeing Organic 18kgKERAKOLL Re-stocking soon
Intonaco Macroporoso Fassa 717 25kg
Sale price€19,85
Macroporous Plaster Fassa 717 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Save €0,89
Rasante Fassa Finitura 750 25kg
Sale price€14,90 Regular price€15,79
Rasante Fassa Finitura 750 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Intonaco Macroporoso Fassa One Dry Alleggerito 25kg
Intonaco Macroporoso Fassa S627 25kg
Sale price€17,75
Macroporous Plaster Fassa S627 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Rinzaffo Fassa S641 25kg
Sale price€10,94
Fassa S641 rough coat 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Bio Intonaco Fassa 700 25kg
Sale price€9,85
Bio Plaster Fassa 700 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Bio Rinzaffo Fassa 720 25kg
Sale price€13,90
Organic Rinzaffo Fassa 720 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon

Dehumidifying plaster: the best plasters

Moisture-proof, mold-proof and macroporous plasters

At Emmeti Isolanti it is possible to find the best dehumidifying plasters available on the market, with a specific catalog of the most effective products from brands such as Fassa Bortolo. These are ecocompatible materials, made with natural lime-based mixtures, capable of guaranteeing a healthy indoor environment free of contaminants harmful to health. 

The anti-humidity and anti-mold plaster is a new generation product, ideal for the renovation of internal and external wall structures, capable of offering high protection against humidity. A particular product is the macroporous plaster, to be used as a primer for the renovation of walls affected by humidity, also used for the restoration of historic buildings and residences of cultural value.

The plaster for humidity allows you to apply a permanent protective coating, with which to permanently protect the damaged masonry. Furthermore, based on the type of product it is possible to benefit from good thermal insulation, a considerable reduction in noise pollution and a greater heat accumulation capacity within the treated environment.

In the Emmeti online store you can purchase quality dehumidifying plasters at affordable prices, including natural products for green building based on natural hydraulic lime. On every order we offer free returns, fast delivery and free shipping for amounts over 100 euros, with online payment deferred in three installments that can be requested directly online quickly and easily. 

How to choose the right dehumidifying product

The choice of plaster is undoubtedly an important phase, as a series of specific characteristics depend on it based on your needs. The dehumidifying plaster is recommended for working on pre-existing walls, guaranteeing maximum transpiration of the product to reduce any damage caused by excess water.

In particular, anti-mold plaster allows you to preserve the walls from rising damp, contributing to the evaporation of water molecules trapped in the walls. Obviously, for a definitive result it is essential to identify the origin of the problem, to intervene on the causes and avoid the formation of humidity in closed environments. 

Many products are made with natural hydraulic lime, a material that helps reduce pollutants and keep the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mold low. These plasters are easy to apply, do not produce volatile organic compounds that are dangerous to health and can be applied by hand or by machine.

Macroporous plaster: price and advantages

The macroporous plaster is a more expensive product than traditional plaster, an aspect due to the particular composition of this mixture and the action exerted against humidity. However, among the premixed products for construction there are products that are increasingly in demand, thanks to the advantages offered in controlling the indoor microclimate and protecting the walls.

The high quality-price ratio of these plasters is truly significant, taking into account the effects on walls subject to humidity problems. At Emmeti Isolanti it is possible to find solutions for every need, in fact, in addition to dehumidifying plasters, quality waterproofing products, cement sheaths, conventional plasters, screeds and smoothing compounds, with a complete catalog of building products.