Cartongesso accoppiato Duplex: le offerte

Duplex coupled plasterboard: the offers

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Buy the best Duplex coupled panels on Emmeti Store. You can find many brands such as Fassa Bortolo and Gyproc: free shipping and returns!

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Pannello Accoppiato Fassa dB-Lignum 22,5mm
Sale price€67,77
Fassa dB-Lignum Coupled Panel 22.5mmFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Pannello Accoppiato Fassa Duplex EPS Grafite 31
Sale priceFrom €29,00
Fassa Duplex EPS Graphite 31 coupled panelFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato Fassa Duplex Poliuretano
Sale priceFrom €62,00
Fassa Duplex Polyurethane Coupled PanelFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato Fassa Duplex Roccia
Sale priceFrom €64,00
Fassa Duplex Roccia coupled panelFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato Fassa Duplex Vetro
Sale priceFrom €63,00
Fassa Duplex Glass Coupled PanelFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato Gyproc Habito Silence
Sale price€45,00
Gyproc Habito Silence Coupled PanelGYPROC Re-stocking soon
Pannello Accoppiato Knauf Diamant Phono
Sale priceFrom €72,00
Knauf Diamant Phono Coupled PanelKNAUF Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato NDA Akustik Rubber
Sale priceFrom €65,00
NDA Akustik Rubber coupled panelNDA Re-stocking soon
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Pannello Accoppiato Stiferite RP
Sale priceFrom €69,00
Stiferite RP Coupled PanelSTIFERITE Re-stocking soon
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Duplex coupled plasterboard: the offers

Duplex coupled panels: offers

The coupled plasterboard is an ideal material for the construction of false walls, with the aim of improving the thermo-acoustic insulation of indoor environments and reducing energy waste. On Emmeti Store we offer the best proposals for Duplex coupled plasterboard, with products from prestigious brands such as Fassa Bortolo and Gyproc.

For example, plasterboard coupled with a Fassa Bortolo vapor barrier is indicated in the presence of interstitial condensation, to limit internal humidity through the insertion of an aluminum foil. The Italian company provides plasterboard coupled with polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool and graphite, to satisfy every thermal and acoustic requirement.

The plasterboard coupled with Gyproc insulation , on the other hand, is made up of high-density plasterboards, to benefit from high mechanical resistance and excellent sealing in case of humidity in the walls. The Gyproc coupled panels are also equipped with an innovative technology, through which they are capable of absorbing up to 70% of formaldehyde and improving the air quality in indoor environments.

At Emmeti Store we offer supplies of Duplex coupled plasterboard at affordable prices, with fast shipping and free delivery for orders over 150 euros, invoice for professionals and flexible payment options. Furthermore, you can find everything you need for the installation of plasterboard, from quality building materials to power tools professional. 

How to fix coupled plasterboard

The coupled plasterboard panels are perfect elements for the construction of partition walls, false ceilings and false walls, to obtain sustainable comfort from a thermal and acoustic point of view. The best quality Duplex plasterboard sheets are also a safe material, to reduce volatile components with benefits for the environment and health. 

The assembly is rather simple, with the possibility of gluing the panels using adhesive mortars to anchor the modules, for quick and precise fixing of the coupled plasterboard. Then it is possible to cover the joints with plasterboard tape, minimizing vibrations by applying plastic plugs.

Duplex coupled panels can also be used for the thermo-acoustic insulation of masonry walls, using these modules as an alternative to classic expanded polyurethane foam. In this case it is advisable to complete the installation with cement mortar, creating a plaster of approximately 15 mm to guarantee high thermal insulation performance.

The prices of coupled plasterboard panels

The cost of Duplex coupled plasterboard depends on a series of factors, including the dimensions of the panels, the integrated technologies and the type of materials used for the insulating and sound-absorbing coating. Among the cheapest products there are modules in expanded polystyrene with graphite additives, while among the most expensive ones there are panels in glass or rock wool.

In our specialized e-commerce you can purchase quality coupled plasterboard at competitive prices, with many offers always available for building products. Furthermore, you can also pay in 3 interest-free installments for amounts up to one thousand euros, with 100% online management of the deferred payment request, or choose the method you prefer including the talking bank transfer for deductions tax.