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Gardening is an art and a science that requires dedication and the right tools.

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Ascia spaccalegna Gardena 2800S
Sale price€70,00
Ascia Spaccalegna Gardena 2800sGARDENA In stock
Ascia universale Gardena 1400A
Sale price€60,00
Universal Ascia Gardena 1400aGARDENA In stock
Accetta universale Gardena 900B
Sale price€40,00
Accept Universal Gardena 900bGARDENA In stock
Troncarami Gardena StarCut 160 plus
Svettatoio a incudine Gardena Combisystem
Sale price€51,00
Gardena Combisystem anvil prunerGARDENA In stock
Forca Gardena Natureline 113 cm
Sale price€35,00
Fork Gardena Natureline 113 cmGARDENA In stock
Rastrellino per fiori Gardena Combisystem
Sale price€14,00
Gardena Combisystem flower rakeGARDENA In stock
Zappetta Gardena Combisystem
Sale price€11,00
Hoe Gardena CombisystemGARDENA In stock
Set da balcone Gardena
Sale price€37,00
Gardena balcony setGARDENA In stock
Trapiantatore largo Gardena Classic
Sale price€5,00
Gardena Classic wide transplanterGARDENA In stock
Trapiantatore stretto Gardena Classic
Sale price€5,00
Gardena Classic narrow transplanterGARDENA In stock
Rastrello Gardena Combisystem 36 cm / 14 denti
Manico in alluminio Gardena Combisystem 150 cm
Scopa per erba in plastica Gardena combisystem XXL
Scopa per erba regolabile Gardena in plastica Combisystem
Scopa per erba regolabile Gardena in acciaio Combisystem
Sale price€22,00
Gardena Combisystem steel adjustable grass broomGARDENA Re-stocking soon
Scopa rastrello Gardena Combisystem
Sale price€14,00
Gardena Combisystem rake broomGARDENA Re-stocking soon
Vanga a punta Gardena Natureline
Sale price€37,00
Gardena Natureline pointed spadeGARDENA In stock

Gardening tools

Whether growing flowers or vegetables, you will need specific tools. But how to choose the right tools?

The Variation of Garden Tools

Garden tools vary according to need. From the balcony garden to the vast vegetable patch, each scenario requires a different approach.

Types of Tools

  • Garden Scissors: Perfect for pruning and cutting.
  • Rakes: Useful for cleaning leaves and aerating the soil.
  • Shovel: Essential for planting and transplanting.

How to Choose Garden Tools

The quality and type of tools depend on your garden. Do you need advice? Read ahead!

Create Your Collection On offers a wide range of high quality garden tools. Do you want to create your own personalized collection?

The Selection Process

Choosing tools on is as easy as clicking. You can customize your collection by following these simple steps.

Advice for Choosing Tools

Choosing the right tools has never been easier! Follow these tips to create the perfect collection.

Delivery and Installation

Assembly Guide

After purchase, here is a practical guide for assembling garden tools.

Tool Maintenance

Garden tools require care and attention. Here's how to keep them in perfect condition.


Creating the garden tools collection on is a pleasant and rewarding process. Are you ready to start your gardening journey? has everything you need.


  1. Can I return the tools if I am not satisfied? Yes, offers a flexible return policy.
  2. How long does delivery take? Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 working days.
  3. Can I customize my collection? Absolutely! allows you to create a personalized collection.
  4. Do the tools have a warranty? Yes, all tools have a quality guarantee.
  5. Where can I find assistance if I have problems? The customer service is always available to assist you.