Saw blades

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products jigsaw blades are designed to offer superior cutting performance and longer life.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Set 3 lame Makita B-13677
Sale price€17,00
Set of 3 Makita B-13677 bladesMAKITA In stock
Lama Makita B-20432 5pz
Sale price€11,00
Makita B-20432 blade 5pcsMAKITA In stock
Save €2,01
Set 5 lame Bosch KEO
Sale price€15,99 Regular price€18,00
Set of 5 Bosch KEO bladesBOSCH In stock, 5 units
Lame Makita B-20404 5 pz
Sale price€11,00
Makita B-20404 blades 5 pcsMAKITA In stock
Save €2,01
Lama Expert Bosch Wood With Metal Demolition S
Sale price€16,99 Regular price€19,00
Expert Bosch Wood Blade With Metal Demolition SBOSCH In stock, 6 units
Save €2,01
Lama per legno Expert Bosch Tough Wood
Sale price€15,99 Regular price€18,00
Expert Bosch Tough Wood saw bladeBOSCH In stock, 5 units
Lama Benman Maxpower
Sale priceFrom €14,00
Benman Maxpower bladeBENMAN In stock
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Lama Benman S2345X 200mm
Sale price€37,00
Benman S2345X 200mm bladeBENMAN In stock
Lama Benman S1130RIFF 230mm
Sale price€18,00
Benman S1130RIFF 230mm bladeBENMAN In stock
Lama per poroton Makita P-04070
Sale price€28,00
Makita P-04070 poroton bladeMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Lama Benman S617K 150mm
Sale price€13,00
Benman S617K 150mm bladeBENMAN In stock
Lama Benman S1617K 300mm
Sale price€17,00
Benman S1617K 300mm bladeBENMAN In stock

Saw blades

Blades for hacksaws

Made with high carbon steel, they are resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring long life. The unique design of the blades allows for easy replacement and perfect adherence to the hacksaw guides, ensuring a precise and clean cut.

Additionally, they are compatible with a wide range of jigsaws and are available in different sizes to meet customer needs.

Purchasing jigsaw blades means choosing quality and durability for your carpentry work.