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Buy the best interior painting on Emmeti Store: washable, superlavable or breathable. Free shipping (see conditions)

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Pittura Traspirante Fassa EOS001 Bianca
Sale price€68,00
Fassa EOS001 White Breathable PaintFASSA Re-stocking soon
Save €17,30
Pittura Lavabile Fassa Matt Pro Bianca Opaca
Sale priceFrom €13,50 Regular price€30,80
Superwashable Fassa LV207 White PaintFASSA In stock
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Save €32,54
Pittura Traspirante Fassa PT213 Bianca
Sale price€64,90 Regular price€97,44
Fassa PT213 White Breathable PaintFASSA Re-stocking soon
Save €7,58
Pittura Traspirante Fassa Easy 2.0 Bianca
Sale price€48,00 Regular price€55,58
Fassa Easy 2.0 White Breathable PaintFASSA Re-stocking soon
Pittura Anti-inquinamento Fassa POTHOS 003 Bianca
Sale price€146,00
Anti-pollution paint Fassa POTHOS 003 WhiteFASSA Re-stocking soon
Save €26,56
Pittura Traspirante Fassa Home Active Bianca
Sale price€58,00 Regular price€84,56
Fassa Home 3.0 White Breathable PaintFASSA Re-stocking soon
Save €31,22
Pittura Traspirante Fassa Home Active Bianca
Sale price€63,00 Regular price€94,22
Fassa Home Active White Breathable PaintFASSA In stock
Save €16,00
Pittura Lavabile Fassa Matt Pro Bianca Opaca
Sale price€59,00 Regular price€75,00
Washable Fassa Matt Pro Matt White PaintFASSA In stock
Save €3,10
Pittura Ultra Opaca Fassa Sicura G3 Bianca CAM
Sale priceFrom €21,90 Regular price€25,00
Ultra opaque painting Fassa Safe G3 White CamFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Save €44,06
Washable Painting Fassa Gypsopap White Plasterboard
Sale price€76,90 Regular price€120,96
Washable Painting Fassa Gypsopap White PlasterboardFASSA In stock

Interior paint: the best products

Interior painting: the best products

On Emmeti Store you can buy the online Interior painting taking advantage of advantageous prices, dedicated professional support and a vast catalog with the products of the best brands in the sector. In our e-commerce you will find a wide choice of Interior painting Fassa Bortolo, a historic company in the field of building products with solutions suitable for professionals and do -it -yourself.

We provide interior painting for every renovation need, with products that ensure one high yield, the utmost simplicity in the application and one long duration. In addition, we also offer painting for internal walls for special uses, such as the anti -pollution painting Fassa Bortolo characterized by innovative technologies for the purification of indoor air. 

From Emmeti Store we propose the Best interior washable painting, also suitable for use on surfaces in drywall, included Superlavable interior painting painting With ultrafine appearance and resistance to wet class brushing 1. In the catalog you can then choose the Best breathable interior painting Depending on the type of application, with green solutions with very low voc and solvents without solvents.

On all internal wall painting products we guarantee affordable prices and the Fast Shipping, with online installment option in 3 interest -free solutions e Invoicing available For professionals and businesses. In our online store you will also find everything you need for painting, with a wide choice of brushes, rollers and accessories. 

How to choose interior painting

There Painting of the internal walls It requires the accurate choice of the most suitable product, a decision to be carefully made based on the type of coating and the desired performance. In normal conditions it is possible to opt for one traditional painting, otherwise in the presence of problems such as mold, condensation and humidity it is necessary to buy one Specific painting.

Mural paintings and enamels are suitable for painting walls, plasterboard and wood, otherwise there are special paintings for materials such as cement. There breathable painting It is ideal for counteracting humidity and condensation, for example in the kitchen or in the bathroom. There Washable and superlavable painting, on the other hand, is indicated for other environments as it offers high dirt resistance.

There are also ecological paintings, perfect for green building applications and where a specific VOC certification is required for the containment of volatile organic compounds. Finally, it is necessary to consider the finish interior painting, with the possibility of choosing between an effect satin more elegant, opaque To cover any imperfections or lucid to increase the brightness of the environment.

Interior painting: water percentages to dilute

In the section "internal painting”Of our online store you can find all the products available, for each of which we offer one Complete card with all information useful for the choice and application. For each internal painting Fassa Bortolo there are precise indications for the use of the product, with everything you need to know about dilution. 

For example, the breathable painting Fassa Home 3.0 can be diluted to 35% using the roller or brush, or from 65 to 80% for Airless application. The superlavable painting LV 207 Velvet, on the other hand, must be diluted at 25% for roller painting, or between 30-35% for Airless or brush applications. In any case, for any doubt or information, just contact the Emmeti Store Service Service, also through WhatsApp.