Plasterboard shelves, also for LEDs

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Buy plasterboard shelves, also with LED predisposition, on Emmeti Store.Free shipping with orders over €150.

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Plasterboard shelves, also for LEDs

Plasterboard shelves and shelves for LEDs

The plasterboard shelves are functional and decorative elements at the same time, with which to create practical and useful structures to optimize the space of homes, offices, shops and work environments. With plasterboard shelves you can create modern and evocative interior design solutions, integrating actual furnishing elements into the walls.

This is a simple option to obtain additional shelves, to make full use of the indoor space available for storing books, ornaments and electronic devices. In commercial activities it is possible to use the Curvo Panel plasterboard shelves for displaying products, enhancing the goods with the implementation of an ad hoc lighting system. 

In this case, just choose the plasterboard shelves with LEDs, elements already designed for the integration of low energy consumption lights, with light intensity that can be customized via dimmer. In particular, it is possible to use LED arrows, plasterboard panels with linear aluminum heat sink to which just apply the LED strip.

At Emmeti Store you can buy the best plasterboard shelves, finding advantageous prices, an efficient pre- and post-sales assistance service, with fast shipping and free returns. We also provide a wide choice of payment solutions, with a section dedicated to plasterboard work with all the products necessary for interior finishing and wall coverings.

How to mount plasterboard shelves with LEDs

The installation of a plasterboard shelf with integrated LED is a fairly simple operation, also suitable for those with experience with DIY and household jobs. The plasterboard sheets of the false walls, in fact, are rather easy to work, furthermore, although they may seem more fragile than the walls, they can support shelves without problems.

First of all, it is necessary to apply plasterboard guides, inserting the support structure against the wall for subsequent assembly of the shelves. The operation can be carried out with suitable dowels, to achieve correct fixing of the guide inside which to insert the shelf, making sure that it guarantees sufficient structural rigidity. 

After assembling the shelves, all that remains is to install the LED strips, choosing the suitable light source based on the result you want to obtain. Finally, if necessary it is possible to paint the plasterboard shelves, aligning the aesthetic appearance of the product with the design of the wall and the style of the environment in which the structure has been fixed.

The advantages of plasterboard shelves with LEDs

A wall with plasterboard shelves guarantees numerous advantages, as it offers wide flexibility in the creation of personalised spaces, with the possibility of creating traditional shelves or particular and original shapes . These are structures that are easy and quick to assemble, immediately ready for painting with a reduced cost compared to other solutions. 

The plasterboard shelves equipped with LEDs allow you to furnish the home with style, or decorate the office or shop in a unique and captivating way, creating suggestive atmospheres through lighting design. Furthermore, with LED technology it is possible to have an adjustable lighting system, which can also be managed remotely via smart home hub and special smart sockets.