Pannelli modulari per soffitto e controsoffitto

Modular ceiling and false ceiling panels

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Modular ceiling or false ceiling panels for construction and DIY. Buy on Emmeti Store at advantageous prices. Free returns.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Fibra Minerale Itp Sanded
Sale price€35,00
ITP Sanded Mineral FiberITP Re-stocking soon
Pannello Vinilico Itp Star Gyps
Sale price€25,00
Itp Star Gyps Vinyl PanelITP Re-stocking soon
Pannello Rockfon Pacific 12mm
Sale price€105,00
Rockfon Pacific 12mm panelROCKFON Re-stocking soon
Pannello Rockfon Artic 20mm
Sale price€100,00
Rockfon Artic 20mm panelROCKFON Sold out
Portante Cipriani T24 Bianco 3,7 MT
Sale price€4,50
Cipriani T24 Carrier White 3.7 MTCIPRIANI Re-stocking soon
Collegamento Cipriani T24 Bianco 1,2 MT
Collegamento Cipriani T24 Bianco 0,60 MT
Angolare Cipriani 24x24 Bianco 3 MT
Sale price€3,70
Cipriani Corner 24x24 White 3 MTCIPRIANI Re-stocking soon
Pannello Rockfon Ekla 20mm
Sale price€120,00
Rockfon Ekla panel 20mmROCKFON Sold out
Plafoniera LED 32W
Sale price€39,90
32W LED ceiling lightYESSS In stock
Pannello Eurocoustic Minerval
Sale price€125,00
Eurocoustic Minerval panelEUROCOUSTIC Re-stocking soon
Pannello Eurocoustic Tonga
Sale price€130,00
Eurocoustic Tonga panelEUROCOUSTIC Re-stocking soon
Pannello Eurocoustic Tonga 40mm
Sale price€140,00
Eurocoustic Tonga 40mm panelEUROCOUSTIC Re-stocking soon
Pannello Rockfon Pallas 20mm
Sale price€85,00
Rockfon Pallas 20mm panelROCKFON Re-stocking soon

Modular ceiling and false ceiling panels

Modular Ceiling

The modular panels represent an excellent solution for the false ceiling, a practical and efficient solution to guarantee excellent thermal-acoustic comfort. False ceilings are an increasingly used structure nowadays, as they allow rooms to be sized accurately and hide systems from view.

At Emmeti Store you can find the best modular ceilings on the market, with a catalog of products from the most prestigious brands in the sector, including proposals from ITP, YESSS and Eurocoustic. These are DIY false ceilings simple to install, furthermore compared to monolithic models they can be easily dismantled making them more versatile.

The modular ceiling ensures various advantages, in fact it guarantees high accessibility to carry out inspections and structural modifications, with economical and quick installation. At the same time they are practical to replace if necessary, just removing one or more panels, passing cables and pipes rather quickly and easily.

In particular, Eurocoustic modular false ceilings are suitable for any type of use, from uses in residential construction to those in specific applications. These products are resistant, have an excellent quality-price ratio and high thermo-acoustic insulation capabilities, with good sound-absorbing properties and a humidity-resistant structure.

Why choose modular ceiling panels

The inspectable modular false ceilings are a highly appreciated structure, with which to create an additional covering to be connected to the load-bearing one. This configuration allows you to customize the aesthetics of an environment, creating a free space known as a plenum located below the slab above.

The modular panels allow you to manage the size of the room, creating a useful background for the passage of systems and the optimization of the thermo-acoustic efficiency of homes, offices and shops. The structures can be made of various materials, among which the most effective ones are mineral wools.

For example, the Tonga modular ceiling from Eurocoustic is a fire-resistant panel, with A1 and A2 fire classification depending on the model, with high light reflection and a good sound absorption. This allows for better diffusion of natural light, a reduction in energy consumption and a high waterproofing capacity.

The Minerval modular false ceiling, on the other hand, is an economical and fireproof structure, classified A1 with less acoustic insulation but greater versatility and simplified installation. Alternatively, the ITP modular vinyl panels are made of plaster, with aluminum sheets and polyethylene covering for use in environments with high levels of humidity.

How to install a modular false ceiling

One of the advantages of modular panels for the false ceiling is simple installation, in fact these structures guarantee easy and quick assembly. Installation and configuration can take place in various ways, for example by creating a visible cladding, completely hidden or semi-hidden.

Obviously it is necessary to consider correct air circulation, to balance the internal temperature and pressure, inserting the guides and uprights for fixing to the load-bearing layer. Then you need to cut the modular panels with a cutter, respecting the direction indicated for installation, keeping the modular false ceiling clean with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.