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Buy the best outdoor painting online on Emmeti Store. At the best price ready for delivery, free shipping (see conditions). 

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Pittura Acril Silossanica Fassa PX505 Bianca riempitiva
Sale priceFrom €59,00 Regular price€69,50
Acryl Silossanic painting Fassa PX505 Bianca fillerFASSA In stock
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Save €2,00
Intonachino Fassa RTA549 Bianco
Sale price€59,00 Regular price€61,00
Intonachino Fassa RTA549 WhiteFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Intonachino Fassa RX561 Bianco
Sale price€69,00
Intonachino Fassa RX561 WhiteFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Save €92,02
Pittura al Quarzo Fassa MR287 Bianca
Sale priceFrom €12,00 Regular price€104,02
Fassa MR287 White Quartz PaintFASSA In stock
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Pittura Silossanica Fassa PS403 Bianca
Sale priceFrom €10,00 Regular price€181,30
Siloxane paint Fassa PS403 WhiteFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Fassa PE224 White Elastomeric Paint
Sale priceFrom €10,00 Regular price€181,30
Fassa PE224 White Elastomeric PaintFASSA In stock
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Pittura FassAdvance Protection Bianca
Sale priceFrom €25,00 Regular price€30,00
Painting Fassa Fassadvance White ProtectionFASSA In stock
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Pittura Elastomerica Fassa C285 Beton-E
Sale price€181,00
Fassa C285 Beton-E Elastomeric PaintFASSA In stock

Exterior paint: the best products

Outdoor painting: the best products

From Emmeti Store we offer a vast catalog of outdoor painting, with the best solutions proposed by Fassa Bortolo, a leading company in Italy in building materials. We offer a complete selection of high quality products, capable of ensuring an optimal yield, high simplicity of application e Excellent performance in the coating of outdoor surfaces.

For the facades you can choose the Outdoor painting in pasta finishes, with a formulation designed specifically to facilitate processing and improve adhesion. There Silossan painting for outsiders, on the other hand, is indicated for lime-cement or concrete plasters, with the possibility of opt for the White or colorful painting Also applicable on old unfarmed coatings.

Alternatively, we provide the Outdoor quartz painting, a water -repellent and highly efficient product against algae and mold, usable on concrete surfaces and different types of plaster. It is an optimal solution as a painting for external balconies, with a creamy and liquid composition that makes the Easy and fast drafting. 

In the EMMETI STORE online store you can buy the external painting online Fassa Bortolo at the best price, benefiting from the Quick and free shipping for orders over 300 euros. It is also possible to request the billing For VAT holders, with free return, professional assistance Always available and possibility of online installments in 3 installments at zero rate.

What is the best outdoor painting?

When it is necessary to paint an external surface you have to choose the suitable painting, considering some fundamental aspects to obtain an impeccable result. Self The facade is in good condition Specific products such as the quartz painting For outsiders Fassa Bortolo, a odorless, resistant and durable painting that can also be washed if necessary.

If the wall is in good condition but The paint is ruined You can opt for one acrylic outdoor painting, a simple product to be applied with good resistance to dirt. For ruined or damaged walls from microcrepe The best solution is the Silossanic outdoor painting, as it performs a filler action and is also water -repellent and breathable.

In case of problems of humidity The use of a specific outdoor painting is indicated, capable of counteracting problems such as damage caused by salt and sunlight. For conservative painting It is better to choose one Lime -based outdoor painting, also useful in the presence of wall surfaces subject to humidity. 

Outdoor painting: colors and finishes

The EXTERNAL PAINTINGS they are generally whiteHowever, they can be colored according to their needs, to also increase the level of protection against external agents such as sunlight and bad weather. In this case it is possible to create a personalized color, or request a Outdoor colorful wall painting already mixed and ready for use.

As regards the finishes It is possible to obtain an effect smooth with acrylic paintings, or create a surface rough with quartz paintings. On insulating emmes you can find everything you need for the application of outdoor painting, to buy everything you need online from construction materials to accessories such as brushes and rollers.