Electric or battery-powered planer: the offers

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Buy the best corded or battery-powered planer online on the Emmeti Store. You can find the best brands such as Makita and Dewalt, with shipping and returns always free.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Save €19,00
Pialla Makita KP0800J 600W
Sale price€166,00 Regular price€185,00
Makita KP0800J 600W planerMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Pialla Makita PC5001C 1450W
Sale price€672,00
Makita PC5001C 1450W planerMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Pialla Makita DKP181ZJU 18V
Sale price€339,00
Makita DKP181ZJU 18V planerMAKITA In stock

No Batterie

Save €48,00
Makita KP001GZ02 40V planer
Sale price€431,00 Regular price€479,00
Makita KP001GZ02 40V planerMAKITA In stock

No Batterie

Save €45,00
Pialla Milwaukee M18 BP-402C 18V 4Ah
Sale price€515,00 Regular price€560,00
Milwaukee M18 BP-402C 18V 4Ah planerMILWAUKEE In stock, 5 units

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Save €10,01
Pialla Dewalt DW680-QS 600W
Sale price€186,99 Regular price€197,00
Dewalt DW680-QS 600W planerDEWALT Re-stocking soon
Pialla Makita 1806B 1200W
Sale price€677,00
Makita 1806B 1200W planerMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Pialla Makita DKP181Z 18V
Sale price€293,00
Makita DKP181Z 18V planerMAKITA Only 1 unit left

No Batterie

Pialla a spessore Makita 2012NB 1650W
Sale price€879,00
Makita 2012nb 1650W thick planeMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Save €80,00
Pialla XGT Makita KP001GM202 40V 4Ah
Sale price€719,00 Regular price€799,00
XGT Planer Makita KP001GM202 40V 4AhMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Electric or battery-powered planer: the offers

Cordless or cordless planer: the best brands

In the Emmeti Store online store you can buy the best wire and thickness planer online, with a wide range of mains or battery-powered power tools. The planer is an indispensable tool for working wooden products, for leveling and smoothing the surface precisely and accurately, creating impeccable finishes.

We provide an online catalog with many models of electric planer, selected from the best brands in the sector such as Makita, Skil and Dewalt. The Makita planer is offered in the compact corded version for heavy duty and prolonged use, otherwise there is the battery-powered bench planer with high-performance brushless motor and automatic torque regulation .

The Dewalt planer is instead a tool designed specifically for carpenters and professionals, a light and easy to handle tool that can even be used with just one hand. With this tool you can carry out finishes simply and easily, with anti-slip handle which guarantees excellent safety for smoothing corners and edges even on the hardest and most difficult woods.

On Emmeti Store you can buy the electric wood planer you need online, finding advantageous prices, free shipping for orders over 150 euros and invoicing available for orders professionals. Furthermore, we offer numerous offers on planers, to take advantage of further savings and benefit from the greatest possible quality-price ratio.

Planer: what is it for and how does it work

The wood planer is an essential tool for carrying out carpentry jobs, a tool suitable for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals who need an efficient tool. Using the electric planer it is possible to sand the wood accurately, working on any product such as doors, beams, windows and any type of worked or rough structure.

The surface and thickness planer is a tool much appreciated by hobbyists, as it allows for space saving and is rather easy to use, with an affordable price and models suitable for any type of budget . With this tool it is possible to carry out repairs of wooden elements, maintenance operations, or transform unworked wood into a smooth and finished material.

The operation of this tool is quite intuitive, in fact it is enough to adjust the cutting system to define the thickness of the material to be removed, after which you just need to pass the machine over the product to eliminate the surface layer . The process can be repeated until the desired result is obtained, with the possibility of using different cutting devices based on the hardness of the material.

How to choose the right planer?

To identify the best brand combined planer it is necessary to evaluate some factors. First of all, you need to check the dimensions of the cutting blades, to purchase the right tool depending on the wood to be processed. Likewise, it is important to consider the power of the electric planer, taking into account a power of at least 600W for DIY and greater than 1000W for professional uses.

The cordless planers are perfect for those who want a comfortable and handy tool, ideal for finishing and small jobs, while for carpenters and heavy-duty uses it is better to choose a flush planer . Finally, it is essential to carefully evaluate the quality of the drum, the presence of the V-shaped grooves under the plate, the ergonomics and the accessories compatible with the planer.