Plate lifter for plasterboard and panels

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Plate lift for plasterboard and panels on just a click away!

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
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Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01001
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Akifix NAP01001 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Alzalastre Tytanus Akifix NAP01004
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Tytanus Akifix NAP01004 plate lifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01002
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Akifix NAP01002 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Alzalastre Telescopico ABC ALZA0003
Sale price€360,00 Regular price€409,00
ABC ALZA0003 Telescopic Plate LifterABC SYSTEM Re-stocking soon
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Alzalastre Telescopico Akifix NAP01003
Sale price€649,00 Regular price€839,00
Akifix NAP01003 Telescopic Plate LifterAKIFIX SPA In stock
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Carrello Porta Lastre ABC System
Sale price€269,00 Regular price€299,00
ABC System Plate Holder TrolleyABC SYSTEM Re-stocking soon

Plate lifter for plasterboard and panels

Plaster lift for plasterboard

On Emmeti Store you can find products from the best brands, including ABC System slab lift and trolley and the professional structures of Akifix, of which we are an authorized dealer. In particular, the Akifix slab lift boasts an excellent quality-price ratio, a low weight and an activation mechanism with umbrella system, simple to operate and quick to open and close.

These tools are especially suitable for professionals: just choose the model that best suits your needs, or contact Emmeti Store customer service to receive immediate support.

Among the plasterboard lifters on sale, models with telescopic movement are available, to easily reach a height of up to 5.40 metres. The presence of the wheeled trolley allows you to move the structure yourself, without any effort or risk of causing damage, while the advanced locking systems guarantee maximum safety.

The plate lifters are made with sturdy and lightweight materials, to offer a capacity of up to 50 kg and allow for optimal handling. The support platform allows you to place the panels together perfectly without damaging them, to make the structure safe and proceed with the impeccable fixing of the sheets, for a job carried out to perfection.

How plasterboard lifters work

The professional plasterboard lifters are useful tools for creating false ceilings, assembling panels and lifting the sheets. These instruments can be assembled directly on the site of the intervention, and then disassembled in a few moments once the installation has been completed. To ensure simple movement, they have practical solid wheels, so the structure can even be moved by yourself without any effort.

Just place the panel on the support platform, then use the special handle to raise the base of the telescopic slab lift and lock it once the right height for assembly has been reached. Depending on the model, the structure of the plasterboard panel lifter can be made of steel or titanium, ensuring high stability without vibrations and a capacity of up to 50 kg maximum capacity.

The central arm of the plate lift has a telescopic system that is easy to operate. To place the plasterboard sheet in the optimal position it is possible to configure the inclination of the support pins, aligning each panel with millimetric precision. Finally, all that remains is to fix it, working alone or in a team.

What are the advantages of plasterboard lifters

The plasterboard lifts that you find on the Emmeti Store offer various advantages. They can fold completely, to be transported even with a small van, without requiring the use of an open truck. Furthermore, they are easy to assemble, convenient to move and guarantee excellent structural stability.

With plasterboard panel lifters you can save time, carry out professional installations of any type of false ceiling panel and work safely, guaranteeing the safety of all professionals involved in the intervention. With structures like the Akifix slab lifts you can take advantage of a truly convenient price, purchasing a top product on the market made by a company that has been in the sector for almost 30 years.