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Buy quality plasterboard filler, joint covering tapes and adhesive mesh for joints online at Emmeti Store. Free shipping (see conditions).

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Rete Adesiva per giunti ABC System
Sale priceFrom €2,75
Adhesive mesh for ABC System jointsABC SYSTEM In stock
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Stucco Cartongesso Fassajoint 10kg
Sale price€10,10
Fassajoint plasterboard putty 10kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Stucco Baixens RX-608 Air Man
Sale price€46,90
Baixens RX-608 Air Man puttyBULOVA Re-stocking soon
Save €4,40
Stucco Baixens RX-400 Rualaix Elastic
Sale priceFrom €15,50 Regular price€19,90
Baixens RX-400 Rualaix Elastic puttyBULOVA In stock
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Nastro microforato 150 MT
Sale price€5,49
Micro-perforated tape 150 MTABC SYSTEM Sold out
Save €0,06
Stucco Cartongesso Fassa Gypsofiller
Sale price€52,00 Regular price€52,06
Fassa Gypsofiller plasterboard stuccoFASSA Re-stocking soon
Stucco Cartongesso FassaFlash 5kg
Sale price€8,42
FassaFlash plasterboard putty 5kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Save €10,00
Stucco Baixens RX-410 Rualaix Elastic
Sale price€39,00 Regular price€49,00
Baixens RX-410 Rualaix Elastic puttyBULOVA In stock
Stucco Cartongesso Fassajoint Extra 10kg
Sale price€17,96
Fassajoint Extra plasterboard putty 10kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon

Plasterboard filler: the best offers

Gypsum plasterboard and joint covering tapes

In the Emmeti Store online store you will find a complete catalog of plaster filler and joint covering tape, to create an impeccable installation of false walls and false ceilings. We offer a careful selection of products from the most prestigious brands in the sector, with the best professional solutions for the creation of plasterboard structures. 

You can buy Fassa Bortolo plasterboard filler online, available in 5 or 10 kg bags, an ideal product for grouting plasterboard joints, small repairs and complete smoothing. Alternatively you can choose the ready-made putty for plasterboard in paste, perfect for treating joints to be applied using trowels or spatulas. 

In our specialized e-commerce you can also order the ABC System plasterboard joint covering tape, such as the micro-perforated model to obtain maximum grouting resistance, or the adhesive mesh to remove bubbles and blowholes. The use of specific quality products allows you to create a state-of-the-art installation, to optimize the durability and stability of the grouting. 

On Emmeti Store you can buy joint covering tape and plasterboard filler online at competitive prices, with invoicing available for VAT holders and fast delivery throughout Italy. We also offer free shipping for orders over 150 euros, with the possibility of requesting an online extension with payment in 3 interest-free installments. 

How to fill plasterboard

The grouting of plasterboard is a fundamental operation for achieving accurate finishes, always using high quality and suitable products to guarantee an adequate result. First of all, it is essential to seal the joints, to optimize fire resistance performance and correct thermal insulation of false walls and false ceilings. 

The initial phase begins with the preliminary treatment of the plasterboard screws, of the joints, of any fittings and corners, preparing the surface in an optimal way for the painting. Carrying out a precise and complete smoothing guarantees a simpler and qualitatively superior painting, improving the adhesion of the interior paint to complete the aesthetic finishes.

Obviously you need to make a perfect mixture, following the manufacturer's instructions or purchasing a ready-to-use stucco paste. Then it is necessary to apply the stucco on the joints, using the second pass to smooth the surface, repeating the operation until all the intersections are completed, reaching up to the ceiling, using an American spatula to greater convenience and speed. 

How to use plasterboard joint covering tape

To reinforce and treat corners and the most vulnerable parts of the gypsum plasterboards, a special mesh is normally applied, a fundamental step to improve the grouting and optimize the insulating and mechanical performance of the structure. After applying the stucco, use the tape to cover the joints, ensuring that it adheres perfectly to the surface starting from top to bottom. 

Subsequently, the joint covering tape is grouted again, leaving it to dry according to the time required by the product and the environmental conditions. Finally, the screws are also stuccoed, the surface is smoothed and proceed with the smoothing, until a uniform and continuous coating is obtained so as to prepare the wall for the final painting process.