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Detergente Fassa Active One
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Fassa Active One detergentFASSA In stock
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Fondo Riempitivo Fassa F263A
Sale priceFrom €32,00
Fassa F263A Filler BaseFASSA In stock
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Fissativo murale Fassa MIKROS 001
Sale priceFrom €48,90 Regular price€54,00
Fassa MIKROS 001 wall fixativeFASSA In stock
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Fissativo Acril Silossanico Fassa FX526
Sale priceFrom €39,00 Regular price€55,95
Fassa FX526 Acrylic Siloxane FixativeFASSA In stock
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Fondo Riempitivo Fassa F Ground 07 fibrorinforzato
Sale price€125,00 Regular price€147,00
Fiber-reinforced Fassa F Ground 07 Filler BaseFASSA In stock
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Fondo Fassa Pigmento 013
Sale priceFrom €45,00 Regular price€62,25
Fassa Pigment Fund 013FASSA Re-stocking soon
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Fissativo Fassa FA249
Sale priceFrom €11,00
Fassa FA249 fixativeFASSA In stock
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Primer Fassa DG74
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Primer Fassa DG74FASSA In stock
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Fissativo Silossanico Fassa FS412
Sale price€129,00 Regular price€145,00
Fassa FS412 siloxane fixativeFASSA In stock

High quality primer for each surface

High quality primer for each surface

Our primers are available in different formulations to adapt to any type of surface, ensuring optimal painting and perfect finish. That you are preparing walls, wood, metal or other surfaces, you will find the ideal primer for your project.

Difference between primer, fund and fixative

  Primer: The primer is an essential product that applies before painting to prepare the surface, ensuring better adhesion and duration of the painting itself. It is ideal for standardizing the porosity of the surface and blocking stains.

Fund: The bottom is a preparation base that is used to cover old paintings or difficult spots, creating a uniform surface. It differs from the primer for its opaque capacity, often used as an intermediate layer before the final painting.

Fixative: The fixative is a transparent product that is mainly used on dusty or sumptuous surfaces to consolidate them and make them ready for painting. It is less opaque than the bottom and does not conform the surface as the primer, but it is essential to improve the adherence of painting on difficult surfaces.

Advantages of our primers

  Best adherence: They ensure that painting adheres perfectly to the surface, preventing peeling and flaking.

Surface uniformity: They create a uniform base, fundamental for obtaining a smooth and professional finish.

Block the stains: They seal spots and imperfections, preventing them from re -emerging on the new painting.

Versatility: Available for different materials, from walls to metals, to wood and plastic surfaces.

Tips for the use of primers

To get the best results with our primers, follow these simple tips:

 1. Surface preparation: Clean the surface carefully, removing dust, fat and old peeling paints.

2. Uniform application: Use a quality roller or brush to apply the primer uniformly, following the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Drying time: Respect the drying times indicated on the package before applying the final painting.

4. Stratification: In some cases, it may be useful to apply two layers of primer for very porous or problematic surfaces.

Why choose

On, quality is our priority. Each product of our primer collection is carefully selected to ensure excellent performance and meet the needs of our customers. We offer dedicated customer service and quick shipments throughout Italy.

Do not wait! Visit our section dedicated to the primers for paintings and find out how to better prepare your surfaces for an impeccable painting. With, each painting project becomes a success.

Visit Today itself and start your next painting project with the best primers on the market!