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Buy designer detergents, waxes and solvents online at Emmeti Store Fila Chimica for cleaning the home and work environments. Info and conditions for shipments and returns.

Showing 1 - 44 of 44 products
Impermeabilizzante anti infiltrazione Fila SALVATERRAZZA
Protettivo anti goccia Fila Nodrops 750 ml
Olio rigenerante Fila Parquet Nature 500 ml
Protettivo Tonalizzante Fila WET ECO
Sale priceFrom €29,00
Fila WET ECO Toning ProtectiveFILA CHIMICA In stock
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Pulitore Acido Fila Deterdek Pro
Sale priceFrom €19,00
Fila Deterdek Pro Acid CleanerFILA CHIMICA In stock
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Detergente Fila Cleaner Pro
Sale priceFrom €18,00
Fila Cleaner Pro detergentFILA CHIMICA In stock
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Pulitore graffiti Fila NOPAINT STAR 1L
Cera protettiva Fila Longlife 1L
Sale price€20,50
Fila Longlife protective wax 1LFILA CHIMICA In stock
Active1 - 500 ml
Sale price€19,00
Active1 - 500 mlFILA CHIMICA In stock
Pulitore Fila Marble Restorer
Sale price€67,00
Fila Marble Restorer CleanerFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protettivo anti macchia Fila W68 1L
Protettivo consolidante Fila WET STONE ECO
Detersolvente Decerante Fila MAX 5L
Sale price€63,00
Fila MAX Wax Remover Detergent 5LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protettivo Anti Risalita Fila PW10 5L
Sale price€48,00
Fila PW10 Anti-Rise Protection 5LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protezione idro repellente Fila HYDROREP
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Protettivo naturale Fila STONEPLUS 1L
Pulitore Fila Algae Net 500 ml
Sale price€17,00
Fila Algae Net cleaner 500 mlFILA CHIMICA In stock
Protettivo Fila HYDROREP ECO
Sale priceFrom €19,00
Fila HYDROREP ECO protectiveFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
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Detergente Sgrassante Fila PS87 Pro
Sale priceFrom €30,00
Fila PS87 Pro Degreasing DetergentFILA CHIMICA In stock
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 Preparatore Concentrato Fila Fasezero 1L
Sale priceFrom €19,00
Concentrated trainer Fila Phasezero 1lFILA CHIMICA In stock
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Protettivo Fila Formula Marmo 250 ml
Protettivo Fila Stop Dirt 500 ml
Smacchiatore Spray Fila Nospot
Sale price€22,00
Fila Nospot Spray Stain RemoverFILA CHIMICA In stock
Cera liquida Fila Classic 1L
Sale price€16,30
Fila Classic liquid wax 1LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protettivo per cotto Fila Es 82 1L
Cera protettiva Fila MATT 1L
Sale price€23,00
Fila MATT protective wax 1LFILA CHIMICA In stock
Protettivo Muffa Fila Active 2 500 ml
Sale price€10,30
Fila Active 2 Mold Protector 500 mlFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protettivo Antimacchia Fila CONCRETE SHIELD
Protettivo Ravvivante per Cemento Fila WP70 5L
Pulitore Stucchi Epossidici Fila Cr 10 1L
Sale price€18,60
Fila Cr 10 Epoxy Stucco Cleaner 1LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Detergente Fila Clean & Shine 750 ml
Sale price€11,00
Fila Clean & Shine detergent 750 mlFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Pulitore Fila Formula inox 500 ml
Protettivo Consolidante Fila WET 1L
Sale price€26,50
Consolidant Protective Row WetFILA CHIMICA Sold out
Smacchiatore Fila No Rust 75 ml
Sale price€10,40
Fila No Rust Stain Remover 75 mlFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Protettivo anti macchia Fila Fuga Proof 750 ml
Cera Rigenerante Legno Fila Naturewood
Protettivo Fila Prw200 1L
Sale price€11,00
Protective Fila Prw200 1LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Lucidante metalli preziosi Fila Febol 200 ml
Sale price€7,90
Fila Febol precious metal polish 200 mlFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Cera lucidante Fila Parquet Wax 1L
Sale price€20,00
Fila Parquet Wax polishing wax 1LFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Igienizzante Fila SANIFAST 1L
Sale price€9,00
Fila SANIFAST sanitizer 1LFILA CHIMICA In stock
Protettivo Fila Eco Wood 500 ml
Sale price€16,00
Fila Eco Wood Protective 500 mlFILA CHIMICA Sold out
Disincrostante Acido Forte Fila PHZERO
Sale priceFrom €18,00
Fila PHZERO Strong Acid DescalerFILA CHIMICA In stock
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Pulitore Fila Instant Remover 750 ml
Sale price€9,90
Fila Instant Remover cleaner 750 mlFILA CHIMICA Re-stocking soon
Lisciante Refiner Fila 750 ml
Sale price€22,00
Fila Refiner Smoothing 750 mlFILA CHIMICA In stock

Fila Chimica cleaning products

Fila Chimica cleaning products

At Emmeti Store you can find a large catalog with Fila Chimica solutions, high quality products designed specifically for cleaning the home or work environment. The Italian company is a point of reference in the sector, in fact since 1943 Fila chemical products have been synonymous with excellence in cleaning any type of surface.

In the Fila Industria Chimica range you can find the professional degreasing detergent, ideal for thorough cleaning of materials such as porcelain stoneware or stone. Otherwise, among the Fila Chimica detergent proposals, products such as Cleaner Pro are suitable for ordinary cleaning to keep any covering or surface in perfect condition without damaging it. 

In the online catalog there are particular solutions such as Fila Chimica parquet oil, a specific product for the maintenance of wooden floors, to regenerate the surface and give an aesthetic appearance satin. Alternatively you can choose Fila Industria Chimica products protective wax, to protect floors subject to wear made of PVC, rubber, linoleum or vinyl.

On Emmeti Store we provide a vast range of Fila Chimica products, with all the best proposals of the Italian brand for cleaning domestic, corporate and professional environments. We offer affordable prices, fast shipping and free returns, with customer service also available via WhatsApp to receive technical support quickly. 

The Fila Chimica range of cleaning products

Fila is an Italian group present throughout the world, with branches in Germany, Spain, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The company produces household cleaning products and professional solutions, with a wide choice of ready-to-use products, detergents to eliminate stains from all types of surfaces, waxes and pastes to improve the aesthetic quality of coverings.

Fila Chimica's offer also includes products for the protection of surfaces, including water-repellent compounds to protect coverings from damage caused by water and humidity, or specific products to protect materials from stains. For example, one of the flagship products is the Fila Chimica waterproofing product, capable of protecting stoneware, terracotta, concrete, natural stone and clinker terraces.

The same goes for the Fila Chimica solvent, an excellent wax remover for terracotta and stones, very useful for eliminating previous treatments. The Italian brand offers cleaners, protectants, stain removers, polishes, sanitizers, detergents, wax removers and degreasers, with products for cleaning and treatment of surfaces in concrete, natural stone, marble, parquet, epoxy stucco, terracotta and every type of material.

Fila Chimica: professional cleaning products Made in Italy

Fila Chimica products guarantee important advantages in cleaning the home or corporate environments such as offices, shops and company headquarters. The company offers a unique range of professional cleaning products, with innovative and efficient solutions for the treatment and protection of coverings, to protect and enhance each material. 

In our specialized e-commerce we offer a complete catalog of Fila cleaning products, to purchase quality solutions online to clean every surface effectively while taking advantage of advantageous prices. Finally, you can find building materials, tools, colors and varnishes, work tools and any product needed to carry out DIY work at home or professional interventions in any application context.