Impact soundproof mats under screed

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Soundproof, sound-absorbing mats for under screeds and insulating bands. Buy on Emmeti Store, fast shipping and guaranteed return.

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Isolmant Under Plus Black 75 mq
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Isolmant Under Plus Black 75 m2ISOLMANT In stock
Isolmant Underspecial 75 mq
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Isolmant Underspecial 75 m2ISOLMANT In stock
Tappetino Nda Sotto Parquet 2mm
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NDA Mat Under Parquet 2mmNDA Re-stocking soon
Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant Tecnica Doppio Spessore
Isolmant Fascia Nastro Giunte
Sale price€36,00
Isolmant Fascia Tape JointsISOLMANT In stock
Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant Tecnica Radiante
Sale price€79,00
Isolmant Radiant Technique Perimeter BandISOLMANT Re-stocking soon
Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Pratica 50 ml
Isolmant Telogomma Tubi
Sale price€115,00
Isolmant Telogomma TubiISOLMANT Re-stocking soon
Tappetino Acustico Isolmant Special
Sale priceFrom €257,00
Isolmant Special Acoustic MatISOLMANT Re-stocking soon
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Telogomma Isolmant E+45 3 mq
Sale price€125,00
Telogomma Isolmant E+45 3 m2ISOLMANT Re-stocking soon
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Isolante acustico Index FonostopDuo 10,5 mq
Sale price€86,00 Regular price€105,00
Index Fonostopduo acoustic insulation 10.5 sqmINDEX In stock

Impact soundproof mats under screed

Insulators under screed

To improve acoustic insulation, one of the best solutions is the installation of a soundproof mat under the screed, an efficient option to reduce noise and increase living comfort. At Emmeti Isolanti we offer a careful selection of acoustic mats, materials that reduce footfall noise by insulating the floor.

In our e-commerce you can find the high quality products of Isolmant, the range dedicated to thermo-acoustic insulation by Tecnasfalti. Sound-absorbing materials from the Underplus Black E range are available, indicated in the presence of a screed with a thickness of at least 5 cm.

The anti-noise mat for the floor ensures a noise reduction of up to 26 dB, with good thermal resistance and fairly easy assembly. The thickness of the material is approximately 6/7 mm, with a roll format to simplify application and allow optimal cutting based on the size and shape of the under screed.

Isolmant Underplus Black E is made up of a layer of expanded polyethylene, integrated with a needle-punched fiber which enhances its acoustic insulation properties, with a dynamic rigidity of 17 MN/m3. The under-screed sound-absorbing mat is suitable for installations in the attic, especially in double-layer substrates, otherwise there are specific products for single-layer substrates.

How to choose the impact soundproof mat

One of the most important characteristics in buildings is acoustic insulation, an essential condition for making internal environments more comfortable and efficient. To reduce the noise caused by foot traffic, correct design is essential, furthermore it is essential to choose the right insulating material and carry out a professional installation.

For traditional screeds it is possible to apply sound-absorbing carpets for floors, inserting a resilient layer inside the slab to absorb the impact energy due to trampling. In double-layer structures it is possible to create the containment tank, creating a foundation in which to insert the noise-reducing mattress.

In single-layer structures the sound-absorbing material must be integrated into the concrete reinforcement of the floor, to continue with the upper screed. The best configuration is the dry screed, capable of providing higher acoustic insulation for the same thickness, adopting a multi-layer system on which to rest the flooring.

When choosing the acoustic mat it is important to consider some technical characteristics, in addition to the application dynamics and the type of screed. In detail, it is necessary to take into account the dynamic rigidity, according to the indications of the UNI EN 29052-1 standard, opting for materials with a value that is neither too high nor excessively low.

How to lay the insulating mat under the screed

The laying of the acoustic insulating carpet under the screed requires some precautions to carry out an adequate installation and effectively reduce impact noise. First of all it is necessary to level the substrate, to ensure correct mechanical support at the level where the implants are present.

After which it is possible to apply the sound-absorbing mats, always starting from the edge of the wall, joining the mats with the appropriate insulating sealing tape. Then the perimeter band must be inserted, leaving an excess of at least 2/3 cm, continuing with the creation of the finishing screed and with the laying of the floor.