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Do you need to use a quick-setting, fibre-reinforced, self-levelling smoothing? You can go from thicknesses from 1 to 30 mm for interior floors.

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Autolivellante Fassa SL416 25kg
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Self-levelling Fassa SL416 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Autolivellante Kerakoll Planogel Rheo
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Self -leveling Kerakoll PlanoGel RheoKERAKOLL Re-stocking soon
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Autolivellante Fassa SM485 25kg
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Self-levelling Fassa SM485 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon


Self-levelling products such as SM485 are used to level irregular surfaces or old ceramic floors inside, with thicknesses of use from 3 to 30 mm, when a short drying time is required to allow subsequent rapid laying of floors. Ideal for installing wooden, stone and resilient coverings (linoleum, PVC, carpet, LVT, rubber, etc.), ceramic tiles and resinous coverings. Due to its high qualities, the SM485 self-levelling product leaves no imperfections.

Thanks to its excellent mechanical performance, SM485 is suitable for the following uses:

  • Residential environments (hotels, living quarters and related services);
  • Private and public offices;
  • Public environments (restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, libraries, etc.);
  • Commercial environments (shops, warehouses, bookshops, shopping centres, etc.)

SM485 is particularly suitable for applications on low-profile heating/cooling systems with heat transfer fluid or electric type, in indoor environments for residential use.