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Schiuma Fischer FASTGRIP 800
Sale price€8,00
Fischer FASTGRIP 800 foamFISCHER In stock
Silicone Color Kerakoll 310 ml
Sale price€13,00
Silicone Color Kerakoll 310 mlKERAKOLL
In stock
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Schiuma Poliuretanica Fischer PUP 1K 750
Pulitore per Pistola Fischer PUR500
Sale price€7,50
Fischer PUR500 Gun CleanerFISCHER In stock
Save €13,00
Pistola Schiuma Safit ART.218
Sale price€26,00 Regular price€39,00
Safit foam gun ART.218SAFIT In stock
Lubrificante Spray Safit WD-40
Sale priceFrom €6,00
Safit WD-40 Spray LubricantSAFIT In stock
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Schiuma Fischer FASTGRIP M750
Sale price€8,00
Fischer FASTGRIP M750 foamFISCHER In stock
Schiuma Fischer PANEL 800
Sale price€11,00
Fischer PANEL 800 foamFISCHER In stock
Silicone sanitari neutro Fischer SNS
Silicone Fisher SAS TR Acetico
Sale price€3,90
Fisher SAS TR Acetic SiliconeFISCHER
In stock, 322 units
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Pistola Silicone Lions prof. 5682
Sale price€14,00
Lions Prof. Silicone Gun 5682SAFIT In stock
Sigillante Fischer KD HIGH TACK
Sale price€11,80
Fischer KD HIGH TACK sealantFISCHER In stock
Silicone Spray Fischer FTC-SI
Sale price€7,50
Silicone Spray Fischer FTC-SIFISCHER In stock
Silicone Mastic Foam REI 310cc
Sale price€6,75
Silicone Mastic Foam REI 310ccBIFIRE In stock
Zincante Istantaneo Fischer
Sale price€6,00
Fischer Instant ZincFISCHER Re-stocking soon
Pistola Fischer PUPM 3
Sale price€45,00
Fischer PUP M3 pistolFISCHER Re-stocking soon
Pistola Manuale Fischer FIS AC-I
Sale price€62,60
Fischer FIS AC-I manual gunFISCHER Re-stocking soon
Schiuma Advin Foam Pv Rei 750 ml
Sale price€18,00
Advin Foam Pv Rei foam 750 mlBIFIRE Re-stocking soon
Ancorante Chimico Fischer FIS V 410 C
Sale price€20,40
Fischer FIS V 410 C Chemical AnchorFISCHER Re-stocking soon

Foams and silicones

Foams and silicones: High quality products for precise sealing

If you are looking for high quality foams and silicones for your seals, is the right place for you. The "Foams and silicones" collection on Emmeti Store offers a vast selection of products and tools for sealants, guaranteeing precise and long-lasting results. Discover the online catalog and find the perfect material for your sealing needs.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Foams and silicones
  2. Sealing products
    1. Polyurethane foams
    2. Acrylic silicone
    3. Silicone foams
  3. How to choose the right product for sealing
  4. How to apply silicone
  5. Why buy from Emmeti Store?
  6. Conclusions
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Introduction to Foams and Silicones

The "Foams and silicones" collection on is dedicated to those who need quality materials for precise sealing. Whether you need to seal coverings, furniture, windows, bathroom fixtures or other surfaces, you will find a wide choice of reliable products and renowned brands such as Tytan, Spit and Kerakoll.

2. Products for sealing

2.1 Polyurethane foams

Polyurethane foams are high-performance materials used for seals that require a high seal. On Emmeti Store, you can find high quality polyurethane foams, which guarantee effective sealing on different surfaces. These foams are easy to apply using special spray dispensers or foam guns.

2.2 Acrylic silicone

Acrylic silicone is ideal for sealing plasterboard, wood and masonry structures. It is possible to paint the sealed surface and work it with a dampened trowel to obtain an optimal aesthetic result. On Emmeti Store, you will find high quality acrylic silicone that guarantees an effective and durable seal.

2.3 Silicone foams

Silicone foams are versatile products that offer a convenient solution for sealing. On Emmeti Store, you can find silicone foams that are applied via spray dispensers integrated into the package. These products are ideal for precise sealing and avoiding smudges.

3. How to choose the right product for sealing

When selecting the right silicone or foam for sealing, it is important to consider the type of surface to be sealed and the specific application. For example:

  • For particular surfaces such as glass, doors and windows and wooden products, it is advisable to use neutral silicones.
  • For construction sealing on walls, floors and plasterboard sheets, acrylic silicones are suitable.
  • For materials subject to condensation and humidity such as sanitary ware, tiles or taps, acetic silicones are recommended.

You can also consider the form of application of the product. For example, liquid silicone can also be applied with a brush, while silicone foams are easily applied using spray mechanisms or guns.

4. How to apply silicone

After purchasing the silicone suited to your needs, it is important to follow the instructions correctly for effective application. Some general guidelines include:

  • Always wear gloves and protective glasses during application.
  • Clean the surface to be sealed carefully, removing dirt and residues of other materials.
  • Protect surrounding areas by covering them with protective tape.
  • Use the spray nozzle or gun to apply an adequate amount of silicone to the area to be sealed, distributing the material evenly.
  • Remove excess silicone with a damp cloth.
  • Follow the drying times indicated on the package before removing the tape and completing the sealing job.

5. Why buy from Emmeti Store?

Purchasing from Emmeti Store offers numerous advantages. In addition to the vast selection of high quality foams and silicones, Emmeti Store offers competitive prices and special promotions. Furthermore, the free delivery service for orders over 300 euros up to 25 kg guarantees a convenient and comfortable shopping experience.

6. Conclusions

The "Foams and silicones" collection on offers you the opportunity to find the perfect materials for your seals. Whether you need polyurethane foams, acrylic silicone or silicone foams, you can count on high quality and reliable products. By purchasing from Emmeti Store, you will be able to seal your surfaces precisely and obtain long-lasting results.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the delivery times for products on

Emmeti Store offers a free delivery service for orders over 300 euros up to 25 kg. Delivery times depend on your geographic location and may vary. We recommend that you consult the information provided during the purchase process to have a precise estimate of delivery times.

2. I can get customer support for "Foams and Silicones" products on

Yes, Emmeti Store provides customer support for all products available on their website. You can contact Emmeti Store customer service via the contact details provided on their official website.

3. I can return the "Foams and silicones" products purchased on

Emmeti Store returns and return policies may vary. We recommend that you consult the information provided on their website or contact customer service to obtain more details on the return policies for "Foams and Silicones" products.

Note: and the information provided is purely hypothetical and does not reflect actual commercial activity. The information above is generated by AI and does not represent a real connection to the website or company mentioned.