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Smoothing glue for coat or plasterboard

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Buy smoothing glues for coats, plasterboard and building coats at the best prices online on Emmeti Store.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Rete Fassanet160 Mq 50
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Fassanet network 160 m2 50FASSA Re-stocking soon
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Colla per cartongesso Fassa Gypsomaf 25kg
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Fassa Gypsomaf plasterboard glue 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Colla Gasbeton Fassa A81 25kg
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Gasbeton glue Fassa A81 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Colla Rasante Fassa A96 25kg
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Glue Rasante Fassa A96 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Colla Rasante Fassa Basecoll
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Glue Rasante Fassa BasecollFASSA BORTOLO
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Colla Rasante Alleggerito Fassa AL88 25kg
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Glue Rasante Alleggerito Fassa AL88 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Colla Rasante Fassa A50 25kg
Sale price€24,50 Regular price€25,90
Glue Rasante Fassa A50 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Colla Rasante Fassa A96 Resphira 25kg
Sale price€23,90 Regular price€25,00
Fassa A96 Resphira Rasante Glue 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon

Smoothing glue for coat or plasterboard

Smoothing glues and coatings for the building industry

In the Emmeti Store it is possible to purchase online smoothing glues and coatings for the construction industry, with a vast assortment of the most effective products selected by the best brands in the sector such as Fassa Bortolo . These are essential materials for gluing and smoothing insulating panels, to obtain precise work and improve the thermal efficiency of wall structures. 

In particular, glues and smoothing compounds can be used for the installation of polystyrene panels, or panels mineral wool for insulation solutions coat. Furthermore, these products are suitable for embedding reinforcement mesh, or for smoothing concrete surfaces and prefabricated elements. 

On concrete, smoothing glue and other specific products allow you to create impeccable insulation, to achieve maximum living comfort and reduce energy costs. Obviously, there is also plasterboard glue, a perfect solution for gluing polystyrene panels directly onto gypsum plasterboards.

On Emmeti Store we offer a complete catalog of smoothing glues for thermal coats and nets, with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. By purchasing online in our e-commerce it is possible to receive the goods with fast delivery, taking advantage of free returns, the official guarantee of the original brands and the option of payment in 3 installments. 

How to calculate the smoothing glue for a coat

The installation of thermal insulation is one of the most important interventions to increase the insulation of buildings, reducing energy waste to obtain advantages in terms of bill costs and living well-being. One of the factors that affect the outcome of the operation is the quality of the installation, for this reason it is important to choose the right products.

In this case it is necessary to consider the type of material on which to create the thermal coat, to choose smoothing glues suitable for concrete, cement, bricks, plastered walls, wooden supports and plasterboard structures. Generally, the coat adhesive must be diluted with water before application, using a drill mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

For an optimal result the glue must cover at least 40% of the panel surface, after which the joints must be closed with expanded foam. Finally, after a period of 3-10 days it is possible to apply the smoothing coat, apply the primer and carry out the finishing touches. The smoothing glue allows you to make work easier, to quickly and precisely position the blocks or insulating panels for the thermal coat.

Smoothers and glue for plasterboard: prices and offers

In some contexts it is possible to strengthen thermal insulation with gypsum plasterboard panels, to increase domestic comfort also from an acoustic point of view. In this case it is possible to use special glues for plasterboard, specific products to install the insulating panels flawlessly by fixing them to the existing walls.

The price is quite affordable, in line with the cost of smoothing glues for concrete and cement, with 25 kg bags of premixed product capable of improving adhesion and facilitating processing. On Emmeti Isolanti we provide the best glues for plasterboard on the market, offered at advantageous prices and the possibility of requesting payment in 3 installments and invoicing.