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Your workshop cannot be missing Wrenches and Sockets from the best brands such as Beta Utensili or Usag, come and discover the offers.

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 products
Set bussole Makita D-41517
Sale price€45,00
Makita socket set D-41517MAKITA In stock, 14 units
Save €2,01
Chiave a T snodata Beta 952
Sale priceFrom €20,99 Regular price€23,00
Beta 952 articulated T-wrenchBETA In stock, 30 units
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Save €0,01
Chiave a bussola Beta 900
Sale price€4,99 Regular price€5,00
Beta 900 socket wrenchBETA In stock, 196 units
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Chiave a bussola Beta 920A
Sale priceFrom €3,99 Regular price€4,00
Beta 920A socket wrenchBETA In stock, 278 units
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Save €1,01
Chiave a bussola Beta 900L
Sale priceFrom €4,99 Regular price€6,00
Beta 900L socket wrenchBETA In stock, 75 units
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Save €1,01
Prolunga Beta 920
Sale priceFrom €10,99 Regular price€12,00
Beta 920 extensionBETA In stock, 16 units
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Set Chiavi a Bussola Makita B-69749 9 pz
Save €1,01
Quadro maschio Beta 920/42
Sale price€10,99 Regular price€12,00
Beta 920/42 male squareBETA In stock, 6 units
Save €1,01
Quadro Beta 900BG/30
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€7,00
Quadro Beta 900BG/30BETA In stock, 4 units
Save €1,01
Prolunga Beta 900
Sale priceFrom €4,99 Regular price€6,00
Beta 900 extensionBETA In stock, 14 units
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Save €16,00
Set di bussole Bosch Impact Control
Sale price€29,00 Regular price€45,00
Bosch Impact Control socket setBOSCH Sold out
Save €2,00
Set chiavi a bussola Beta 923E-FTX/C17
Sale price€55,00 Regular price€57,00
Beta 923E-FTX/C17 socket wrench setBETA Sold out
Save €1,01
Quadro Beta 900/42
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€7,00
Beta 900/42 frameworkBETA In stock, 6 units
Adattatore per corona Makita P-41872
Sale price€89,00
Makita P-41872 crown adapterMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Save €4,00
Adattatore Impact Control Bosch
Sale price€28,00 Regular price€32,00
Bosch Impact Control adapterBOSCH Sold out
Save €1,01
Snodo Beta 900/25
Sale price€10,99 Regular price€12,00
Beta 900/25 jointBETA In stock, 5 units
Save €2,01
Snodo Beta 920/25
Sale price€16,99 Regular price€19,00
Beta 920/25 jointBETA Only 3 units left
Set Chiavi a Bussola Makita E-12354 3 pz
Save €1,01
Raccordo Beta 900/16
Sale price€4,99 Regular price€6,00
Beta 900/16 fittingBETA In stock, 9 units
Chiave a Bussola Usag
Sale price€13,00
Socket Wrench UsagUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €1,01
Raccordo Beta 920
Sale priceFrom €6,99 Regular price€8,00
Beta 920 fittingBETA In stock, 7 units
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Chiave a Bussola Makita B-39883
Sale price€5,00
Makita Socket Wrench B-39883MAKITA Re-stocking soon
Prolunga Makita B-55728
Sale price€9,00
Extension Makita B-55728MAKITA Re-stocking soon
Chiave a Bussola Makita B-52146
Sale price€7,00
Makita Socket Wrench B-52146MAKITA Re-stocking soon
O Ring per Chiavi a bussola Makita B-54542 3 pz
Sale price€5,00
O Ring for Socket Wrenches Makita B-54542 3 pcsMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Save €6,01
Set Bussole Impact Control Bosch 3pz
Sale price€54,99 Regular price€61,00
Bosch Impact Control Socket Set 3pcsBOSCH In stock, 4 units

Wrenches and Sockets

Socket Wrench Types

The socket wrench is a workshop tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and screws with an internal hexagon shape. There are different sizes and types of socket wrenches, including metric and inch ones.