Aluminum stairs

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On, where the Facal ladder collection offers you versatile solutions for your access needs in various situations.

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Aluminum stairs

Ladders are essential tools for your safety and comfort, and Facal ladders are synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. In this article, we will explore the wide range of Facal scales available on, with a detailed overview of their advantages and the most common applications.

1. Domestic-Family Scales

1.1 Domestic Step Ladder

Ladders are a popular option for household tasks, such as changing light bulbs or reaching higher shelves. The Facal ladder collection offers sturdy and lightweight models, with different heights available to suit your specific needs. They are made of high quality materials and designed to ensure stability and safety during use.

1.2 Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladders are perfect for those with space constraints, as they can be easily folded up and stored away when not in use. The Facal ladder collection offers models with safe and intuitive closing mechanisms, ideal for domestic jobs and small DIY projects.

2. Stairs for Commercial Use

2.1 Professional Aluminum Ladder

If you need a ladder for professional use, such as in construction or commercial cleaning, the aluminum ladders from the Facal collection are an excellent choice. These ladders offer strength and durability, while maintaining a light weight for easy transportation and maneuverability. They are available in different heights and load capacities to meet your specific needs.

2.2 Ratchet Ladder

The Facal ratchet ladder is a versatile solution for the commercial and industrial sector. Thanks to its ratchet mechanism, you can adjust the height of the ladder with ease, allowing for safe and stable access at different heights. It is perfect for use in warehouses, workshops and construction sites.

3. Stairs for Industrial Use

3.1 Double Straight

The double ladder is a popular choice for industrial operations, where significant heights need to be reached. The Facal ladder collection offers models with double uprights which guarantee greater stability and safety during use. Versions with large, non-slip walking surfaces are also available for greater comfort.

3.2 Ladder Ladder

The step ladder is ideal for use in industrial environments, such as production lines or large warehouses. This ladder offers a wide, stable base with integrated handrails for added safety. The Facal ladder collection offers models with different heights and features to meet your specific needs.

4. Stairs for External Use

4.1 Extendable Fiberglass Ladder

The extendable fiberglass ladders from the Facal collection are perfect for outdoor work. Fiberglass offers resistance to weather and chemicals, making these ladders ideal for the electrical industry and outdoor maintenance. They are also lightweight and easy to transport.

4.2 Telescopic Ladder for Gardening

For gardening projects, the Facal collection telescoping ladder is an excellent choice. It is ideal for pruning trees, picking fruit or reaching high places in the garden. Thanks to its telescopic configuration, it can be easily adjusted to the desired height.


The Facal staircase collection on offers solutions suitable for all needs, whether you need a ladder for domestic, commercial, industrial or external use. They are carefully designed to ensure maximum safety and functionality, allowing you to carry out your tasks with peace of mind. Choose the quality and reliability of Facal ladders for your access needs.