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Wood screws: all sizes

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Buy wood screws online: special wood screws, long wood screws and Fischer screws. Make your purchase now: free shipping with orders over €150.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Viti da legno FFgroup
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FFgroup wood screwsFFGROUP Re-stocking soon
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Viti da legno Fischer FPF II CTP
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Fischer FPF II CTP wood screwsFISCHER In stock
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Viti da legno Fischer FPF-ST
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Fischer FPF-ST wood screwsFISCHER Re-stocking soon
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Viti da legno Fischer FPF-SZ
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Fischer FPF-SZ wood screwsFISCHER In stock
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Wood screws: all sizes

Wood screws and chipboard screws: all sizes

At Emmeti Store you can find a wide range of wood screws of all sizes, with a vast assortment of professional products from specialized brands such as Fischer. High quality long threaded wood screws are available in the online store, ideal for quick screwing and obtaining impeccable tightening in every application context.

There is no shortage of screws for chipboard wood, characterized by a special geometry of the tip to ensure an immediate grip, reducing the oscillations of the support in the housing to a minimum. For maximum performance, the efficient wood screws from Fischer are available, a leading company in fastening systems for construction and DIY.

Screws are indispensable elements in many fields, from professional activities to hobbies, with direct applications in carpentry and in the installation of furniture, structures and wooden supports. Using quality screws allows you to carry out a workmanlike job, guaranteeing maximum stability of the product and correct positioning of the components.

In the Emmeti e-commerce it is possible to buy online wood screws and chipboard at competitive prices, placing your order to receive the goods in a short time thanks to the fast shipping service. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or balance on delivery, or request the option of payment in 3 interest-free installments for amounts exceeding 35 euros.

How to choose the right wood screws

To understand which product to buy, it is important to know how wood screws are measured, which characteristics to evaluate and what the main acronyms of these fastening systems mean. First of all, the identification numbers of the screws for chipboard and wood indicate the first the diameter expressed in mm, the second instead the length under the head of the device. 

For wood, threaded screws are used above all for the entire length, well pointed, long or short depending on the type of assembly, generally made of stainless steel or galvanized with flat or rounded head. When choosing, it is essential to analyze the quality of the material or metal alloy, to avoid breakages during the application of the support.

Furthermore, you should always check the length of the wood screw, the corrosion treatment and the resistance of the product. Some models are treated with special lubricants, for example special high quality wood screws, to simplify screwing and also make any unscrewing quicker and less complex.

Why buy self-tapping screws for wood

For working on wooden products, many DIY enthusiasts and professionals prefer self-tapping screws for wood and chipboard, perfect models for accelerating fixing and avoiding making the initial hole. This is what happens using the Fischer wood screw, equipped with lubricant pre-treatment and double thread to facilitate the application of the support.

On the Emmeti Store it is possible to buy the best screws for wood and chipboard on the market, furthermore specific power tools are also available such as the corded and screwdriver drill drums. Inside our online shop it is possible to find everything needed for every woodworking, with many hardware products and solutions for the building and carpentry.