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Miscelatore Elettrico Rubimix-9-Supertorque Rubi 1800W
Mescolatore elettrico Rubi RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX 2100W
Sale price€159,00
RubiMix-9 Power Max 2100W compound mixerRUBI In stock
Miscelatore Elettrico Rubimix-7 Rubi 1200W
Sale price€89,00
Rubimix-7 Rubi Electric Mixer 1200WRUBI In stock
Miscelatore Makita UT1401 1150W
Sale price€281,00
Makita UT1401 1150W mixerMAKITA In stock
Miscelatore Elettrico Rubimix-9 Duplex 1350W
Sale price€162,00
Rubimix-9 Duplex Electric Mixer 1350WRUBI In stock
Save €30,00
Trapano miscelatore Makita DS4012
Sale price€199,00 Regular price€229,00
Makita DS4012 750W mixer drillMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Save €12,01
Miscelatore FFgroup MX 1600 Pro 1600W
Sale price€112,99 Regular price€125,00
FFgroup MX 1600 Pro 1600W mixerFFGROUP In stock
Miscelatore Elettrico Rubi Rubimix E-10 Energy 18V 5Ah

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Save €26,00
Miscelatore Dewalt DWD2341-QS
Sale price€239,00 Regular price€265,00
Dwalt DWD241-QS mixerDEWALT In stock
Makita UT1600 1800W mixer drill
Sale price€412,00
Makita UT1600 1800W mixer drillMAKITA In stock
Miscelatore Elettrico Rubimix-9 N Rubi
Sale price€130,00
Rubimix-9 N Rubi Electric MixerRUBI In stock
Save €29,00
Miscelatore Milwaukee M18 FPM-0X 18V
Sale price€336,00 Regular price€365,00
Milwaukee M18 FPM-0X 18V mixerMILWAUKEE Only 2 units left
EXTRA 5%Save €20,50
Trapano miscelatore Akifix AKP 1200W
Sale price€109,00 Regular price€129,50
Akifix AKP 1200W mixer drillAKIFIX SPA In stock
RubiMix-9 Power Max 2100W compound mixer
Sale price€179,00
RubiMix-9 Power Max 2100W compound mixerRUBI In stock
Mescolatore elettrico Rubi  RUBIMIX-9 N 1200W
Sale price€178,00
Rubi RUBIMIX-9 N 1200W electric mixerRUBI In stock
Save €11,01
Miscelatore FFgroup MX 1200 PRO
Sale price€103,99 Regular price€115,00
FFgroup MX 1200 PRO 1200W mixerFFGROUP In stock, 5 units
Save €17,00
Miscelatore Festool MX 1000 RE EF HS3R 1.020W
Sale price€328,00 Regular price€345,00
Festool MX 1000 RE EF HS3R 1.020W mixerFESTOOL Sold out
Miscelatore Elettrico Rubimix-8 Easy Pro 230V
Sale price€118,00
Rubimix-8 Easy Pro 230V Electric MixerRUBI In stock
Miscelatore Makita DUT130Z 18V
Sale price€297,00
Makita DUT130Z 18V mixerMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Makita DUT130RTE 18V 5Ah mixer
Sale price€512,00
Makita DUT130RTE 18V 5Ah mixerMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Miscelatore Flex MXE 18.0-EC WR2 120 18V
Sale price€312,00
Flex MXE 18.0-EC WR2 120 18V mixerFLEX Only 1 unit left

No Batterie

Flex MXE 1202 WR2 140 + WR3R 140 1200W mixer
Sale price€353,00
Flex MXE 1202 WR2 140 + WR3R 140 1200W mixerFLEX Only 1 unit left
Stanley FME190-QS mixer
Sale price€158,00
Stanley FME190-QS mixerSTANLEY In stock

Mixing drills

Mixing drills

On Emmeti Store you can find a wide choice of mixing drills, robust and reliable tools selected from the products of the best brands in the sector such as Bosch and Makita. Our catalog contains models for DIY and professionals with single or double handles, with or without chuck, with solutions suitable for every need.

In particular, we offer high performance professional mixer drills, specifically designed to ensure superior performance for every application area: from construction sites to residential construction. With these power tools it is possible to mix paints, cement mortars, adhesives and liquids of various kinds, furthermore you can make holes on wooden and metal surfaces and supports.

The professional mixer drill is an indispensable tool for many specialists in the construction sector, such as tilers, bricklayers, building painters and restorers. Modern tools are able to perform different functions, from kneading to mixing, with optimal speed management and attachments compatible with various types of whisks for the preparation of different materials. 

In our e-commerce we offer not only a vast assortment of the best mixer drills, but also a professional assistance service always at your disposal. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between different payment solutions, even with PayPal or via online installments with fast shipping throughout Italy and free for orders over 100 euros up to 25 kg .

How to choose the mixer drill

The mixing drill is an essential power tool to avoid manually mixing concrete, paints and plaster, mixing any type of liquid and compound without any effort. Depending on the material, it is possible to use universal shovels or specific whisks, to work efficiently and always obtain an optimal result.

Among the technical characteristics to consider is the power of the mixer, taking into account that for professional use a tool with at least 1200 W is required. In any case, it is important to purchase a versatile and effective tool, based on the viscosity of the materials used for the creation of mixtures and preparations to make the tool adequately and reduce energy consumption.

At the same time it is necessary to analyze the mixing capacity of the device, evaluating its speed and the presence of systems for personalized rotation management. Afterwards it is important to check the quality of the product, the solidity of the structure, the weight and the configuration, without neglecting the safety mechanisms, the noise level and the equipment of accessories.

Drill mixer mixer: offer and prices

A professional mixer drill is a tool with a good quality-price ratio, in fact for a limited expense it is possible to buy a high-end tool, capable of ensuring adequate performance for demanding use and burdensome. Obviously for domestic or occasional use it is possible to opt for cheaper alternatives, choosing a less powerful device suitable for DIY and small jobs at home.

At Emmeti Store we provide offers on mixer drills dedicated to guarantee maximum product accessibility, with competitive prices and discounts on many power tools in the catalogue. In this way it is possible to purchase the right mixer mixer without sacrificing quality and performance, with the possibility of requesting invoicing for professionals and companies.