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Choose the one best suited to your professional or hobby work between milling machines and trimmers. On Emmeti Store you will find only the best brands.

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Fresatrice Milwaukee M18 FTR8-0X 18V
Sale price€392,00 Regular price€426,00
Milwaukee M18 FTR8-0X 18V milling machineMILWAUKEE Only 1 unit left

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Fresatrice Verticale Makita RP0900J 900W
Sale price€165,00 Regular price€197,00
Makita RP0900J 900W Vertical Milling MachineMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Save €86,00
Fresatrice Festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus 1400W
Sale price€789,00 Regular price€875,00
Festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus 1400W milling machineFESTOOL Sold out
Save €92,00
Fresatrice per giunzioni Festool DF 500 Q-Plus 420 W
Sale price€973,00 Regular price€1.065,00
Milling machine for festol df 500 q-plus 420W junctionsFESTOOL Sold out
Save €119,00
Fresatrice per giunzioni Festool DOMINO DF 500 Q-Set 420W
Sale price€1.114,00 Regular price€1.233,00
Festool DOMINO DF 500 Q-Set 420W joint routerFESTOOL Sold out
Fresatrice Verticale Bosch POF 1200W
Sale price€105,00
Bosch POF 1200W Vertical Milling MachineBOSCH Sold out
Fresatrice Intestatrice Makita DPJ180Z 18V
Sale price€270,00
Makita DPJ180Z 18V End Milling MachineMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Fresatrice Verticale Bosch GKF 12V-8 3Ah
Sale price€278,99 Regular price€310,00
Bosch GKF 12V-8 3Ah Vertical Milling MachineBOSCH Only 1 unit left

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Fresatrice verticale Makita RP2303FCJ 2100W
Sale price€528,00
Makita RP2303FCJ 2100W vertical milling machineMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Fresatrice Verticale Makita RP2300FCXJ 2300W
Fresatrice verticale Makita RP1803FJ 1650W
Fresatrice Festool RENOFIX RG 130 ECI-Plus 1600W
Save €30,01
Fresatrice per giunzioni Festool DF 700 EQ-Plus 720W
Sale price€1.494,99 Regular price€1.525,00
Festool DF 700 EQ-Plus 720W joint routerFESTOOL In stock, 4 units
Fresatrice verticale Makita RP1111CJ 1100W
Sale price€367,00
Makita RP1111CJ 1100W vertical milling machineMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Fresatrice Verticale Makita RP1800FXJ 1850W
Save €87,00
Fresatrice per restauri Festool RG 80 E- Set SZ 1100W
Sale price€866,00 Regular price€953,00
Festool RG 80 E- Set SZ 1100W restoration milling machineFESTOOL Sold out
Save €26,00
Fresatrice Dewalt DW621-QS 1100W
Sale price€384,00 Regular price€410,00
Dewalt DW621 1100W electric routerDEWALT Re-stocking soon
Fresatrice verticale Makita RP1803FX08 1650W
Sale price€415,00
Makita RP1803FX08 1650W vertical milling machineMAKITA Re-stocking soon
Fresatrice Circolare Makita CA5000XJ 1300W
Sale price€594,00
Makita CA5000XJ 1300W Circular Milling MachineMAKITA Re-stocking soon

Milling and trimming machines

Milling and trimming machines

The milling machine is one of the most important power tools for working wooden products, an indispensable tool for expert carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. An essential tool for creating grooves and inserts for joints, moldings and perforations, ensuring a result suited to your needs and the needs of the project.

Furthermore, it is possible to combine the milling machine with a trimmer, with which to carry out precise finishing to obtain a perfect job. Some tools also offer maximum versatility, with specific supports that allow you to perform the same processes on other materials, such as some types of metal and plastic for mechanical and carpentry applications.

On Emmeti Store we offer a complete catalog of milling and trimming machines from the best brands, with products selected to ensure adequate performance for every context. In our e-commerce you can purchase different models of Makita milling machines, reliable and lightweight battery-powered tools to operate without limitations with a long autonomy and high power.

In addition to the Makita cutter, there are the Bosch and Dewalt power tools, extremely powerful corded machines for professional use and heavy-duty tasks. On each order we provide fast shipping, various payment options and online instalments, to choose whether to pay in a single solution or in convenient installments of up to 12 months.

How to choose the milling machine

There are different types of milling machines on the market, each of which is suitable for some particular processes. One of the most appreciated tools is the vertical milling machine, a perfect tool for carpentry with which to carry out any intervention and accurate finishing, with bench models more robust and powerful or mobile devices more compact and easier to use.

A quality vertical milling machine must have:

  • a power greater than 1.000 Watt or 18 Volt with lower values ​​for trimmers;
  • a speed regulator;
  • resistant supports;
  • possibly a chip extraction system.

Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a circular milling machine, with a lamellar cutter to create optimal grooves for the joints on the wooden elements.

Special devices are the end milling machines, similar to a battery-powered chisel, perfect for precision work and finishing, equipped with sharp blades and an easy-to-handle structure. In any case, to choose the right milling machine you need to consider the power of the machine, safety, noise, the quality/price ratio and the type of processing to be carried out.

Better the milling machine or the trimmer

To work with wood it is important to have a complete set of tools, however a frequent doubt concerns the choice between routers and trimmers. The router is a more versatile tool, with which you can make deep incisions and has the option of bench mounting, however it requires both hands and is quite heavy.

The trimmer, on the other hand, is a lighter and simpler to use device even with one hand, suitable for performing impeccable finishes after the passage of the main cutter. At Emmeti Store you can purchase both milling machines and trimmers, with a wide choice of quality power tools, many accessories and everything you need for hobbies and carpentry.