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Discover the best Isover insulators on the market, always available! Insulating and insulating panels for all uses. Buy on Emmeti Store.

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Feltro Isover IBR-K 4+
Sale priceFrom €53,00
Isover IBR-K 4+ feltISOVER Re-stocking soon
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Lana vetro Isover Arena34
Sale priceFrom €4,90
Isover Arena34 glass woolISOVER Re-stocking soon
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Isover PAR G3 Touch
Sale priceFrom €70,00
Isover PAR G3 TouchISOVER Sold out
Lana vetro Isover Superbac Roofine
Sale priceFrom €21,40
Isover Superbac Roofine glass woolISOVER Re-stocking soon
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Lana vetro Isover Superbac N
Sale priceFrom €19,20
Isover Superbac N glass woolISOVER Re-stocking soon
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Isover PAR GOLD G3 Touch
Sale price€65,00
Isover PAR GOLD G3 TouchISOVER Sold out


Isover: Quality Thermo-Acoustic Insulators on

The Isover collection on offers you access to high-quality thermo-acoustic insulation for the construction, industrial and transport sectors. Isover, a brand of the Saint-Gobain Group, is recognized worldwide for its excellence in providing advanced insulation solutions.

Isover G3 and 4+: Innovation and Exceptional Performance

Isover has made important technological progress, leading to the creation of the innovative Isover G3 and 4+ glass wool mineral insulators. These insulators are specially designed to offer superior technical performance, eco-sustainability and comfort. They are suitable for use in both internal and external environments, such as facades, walls, floors, false ceilings and attics.

Isover PAR G3 Touch: Quality Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

One of the flagship products of the Isover collection is the Isover PAR G3 Touch rolled panel. This mineral insulation, treated with thermosetting resin based on organic and vegetal components, offers excellent thermal and acoustic protection. It is ideal for insulating coated plaster walls and false walls of brick walls. With several variations available, such as Par 45, Par 70 and Par 95, you can choose the thickness and thermal performance that best suits your needs.

Advantages of Isover Insulators

Isover insulators offer numerous advantages, including:

  • High thermal and acoustic performance: Thanks to their composition and advanced technology, Isover insulators guarantee an effective reduction of heat transfer and noise.
  • Eco-sustainability: Isover is committed to the production of eco-sustainable insulation, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the construction sector.
  • Fire protection: Isover insulation is designed to offer good fire resistance, helping to improve the safety of buildings.
  • Versatility of use: Thanks to their flexibility and the different variants available, Isover insulation can be used in a wide range of applications, allowing customized solutions for each project.

Buy Isover Insulators on

On you can find a complete selection of Isover insulation, including top products such as Isover G3 and 4+ and Isover PAR G3 Touch. Choose the ideal insulation solution for your project and take advantage of the quality and reliability offered by Isover products.