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Buy Schlüter glues, clamps and sheaths online. Discover the range of Schlüter products on Emmeti Store.

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Guaina Schlüter Ditra30 rotolo 30mt
Sale price€455,00
Schlüter Ditra30 sheath 30m rollSCHLÜTER In stock
Collante Schlüter Kerdi Fix Grigio
Sale price€21,90
Schlüter Kerdi Fix adhesive GreySCHLÜTER Re-stocking soon
Fascetta Schlüter Kerdi Keba 125 rotolo 30 mt
Sale price€97,90
Schlüter Kerdi Keba 125 cable tie, 30 m rollSCHLÜTER Re-stocking soon
Fascetta Schlüter Kerdi Keba 150 rotolo 30 mt
Guaina Schlüter Ditra Heat rotolo 12,5 mt
Sale price€229,00
Schlüter Ditra Heat sheath, 12.5 m rollSCHLÜTER Re-stocking soon
Kit Impermeabilizzante Schlüter KSS 10 SK
Fascetta Schlüter Kerdi Keba 250 rotolo 30 mt
Sale price€175,00
Schlüter Kerdi Keba 250 cable tie, 30 m rollSCHLÜTER Re-stocking soon
Kerdi Kereck FI10 Schlüter Angolo Interno
Kerdi Kereck FA2 Schlüter Angolo Esterno


Schlüter: Innovative Solutions for Waterproofing on

The Schlüter collection on offers you a selection of the best waterproofing products, including adhesives, sheaths and clamps for ceramic coverings. Schlüter is a globally recognized brand, known for its innovative solutions that ensure protection and durability in the construction industry.

Schlüter Sheaths and Clamps: Certified Protection for Coatings

Schlüter sheaths represent a reliable solution for insulating cladding. These certified materials offer a high level of protection from water and moisture damage. They are ideal for use on floors, balconies, terraces, low thickness screeds and plasterboard structures. Furthermore, Schlüter cable ties are specially designed to optimally seal the junction points, ensuring flawless insulation.

Schlüter adhesives: Versatility and Optimal Performance

Schlüter adhesives are available in cans or ready-to-use tubes for finishing. These glues are paintable, odorless and can be used both internally and externally. They offer excellent performance on different surfaces, such as concrete, glass, metal, wood and plastics. In combination with Schlüter sheaths and cable ties, the waterproofing adhesives guarantee complete insulation and effective sealing even in the most difficult to reach places.

The Schlüter Story: Innovation and Water Protection

Since the 1970s, Schlüter has stood out for its innovative solutions in the waterproofing sector. Founded by the tiler Werner Schlüter, the company has become a point of reference in the sector thanks to the invention of the famous laying underlay, the first profile for protecting the edges of tiles. Since then, Schlüter has continued to develop advanced technologies to protect ceramic coatings from water and humidity, ensuring the integrity of the building's masonry.

Discover the Schlüter Collection on offers a catalog dedicated to the Schlüter product line, with solutions for desolidarization, waterproofing and drainage. Choose from a wide range of Schlüter sheaths, adhesives and cable ties to meet your waterproofing needs. Take advantage of the quality and reliability of Schlüter products available on