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On - ​​your online shop for DIY equipment and tools, you will find a wide selection of Profit hole saws available, perfect for your drilling and cutting projects.

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Fresa a Tazza ProFit Diamond Dry C&D
Sale priceFrom €30,00
ProFit Diamond Dry C&D Hole DrillPROFIT In stock
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Foretti ProFit Diamond Dry
Sale priceFrom €20,00
ProFit Diamond Dry core bitsPROFIT In stock
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Punta di centraggio ProFit Hex
Sale price€27,00
ProFit Hex centering tipPROFIT In stock
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Cera per foretto ProFit 20 ml
Sale price€6,00
ProFit drill wax 20 mlPROFIT In stock
Fresa ProFit Endura
Sale priceFrom €52,00
ProFit Endura cutterPROFIT Re-stocking soon
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Lama a Seghetto ProFit Wood 402
Sale price€11,00
ProFit Wood 402 hacksaw bladePROFIT In stock
Lama a Seghetto ProFit MetalWood 401
Sale price€14,00
ProFit MetalWood 401 hacksaw bladePROFIT In stock
Lama gattuccio ProFit MetalWood 1201
Sale price€60,00
ProFit MetalWood 1201 saw bladePROFIT In stock
Lama a Seghetto ProFit BiMetal 202
Sale price€11,00
ProFit BiMetal 202 hacksaw bladePROFIT In stock
Lama a Seghetto ProFit Dual Cut 201
Sale price€7,00
ProFit Dual Cut 201 hacksaw bladePROFIT In stock



ProFit is a family-owned company that has never lost its sense of family. We are a group of inexhaustible enthusiasts who work day after day on ONE CONCEPT: 'how can we help professionals work even better and faster?'

Our challenge was mainly to make cutters more durable (more holes) and more user-friendly (the ability to work more easily). And we did it! We have, for example, created the new patented Click & Drill system, thanks to which traditional hole saw chucks have become useless and removing the dowel has become child's play. But great strides have also been made regarding durability. ProFit Multipurpose for example cuts at least 5 times faster and lasts on average 10x longer! ProFit has the solution for drilling any type of material. If one is missing, then our drilling specialists focus in the laboratory until they create a suitable one!

Let's go one step further, so that the professional, who for us is the King of drilling, he will go to work with a smile every day, because he can always count on our tools. The professionals who have already chosen us are thrilled with the result of the ProFit products in their toolbox. is committed to providing only high quality and reliable products. Our hole saws are carefully selected from reliable and renowned suppliers in the tool industry, ensuring excellent performance and professional results.

To make your shopping even more convenient, we offer an easy and secure purchasing process. You can add the products you want to your cart, select your preferred shipping options and complete the purchase in just a few steps.

We not only offer you quality products, but also excellent customer service. Our support team is available to answer your questions, provide advice and after-sales assistance.


Hole saws are versatile and useful tools for both DIY and professional use. Choosing carefully and maintaining them correctly can make the difference in the success of your projects.


What is the best type of hole saw for wood? There are specific hole saws for wood, generally made of materials that facilitate cutting.

How do you mount a hole saw on a drill? Generally assembly is simple and requires the use of a specific adapter.

Are there alternatives to hole saws? Yes, there are other types of circular saws, but with different characteristics.

Where to buy a high-quality hole saw? Many tool stores offer a wide range of high-quality hole saws.

Is it difficult to use a hole saw? With a little practice and the right precautions, using a hole saw is relatively simple.