We ship throughout Italy & Europe

Let's ship for free The Orders over 75 €, Of non -bulky materials, therefore all electro -helpments and hardware equipment.

United Kingdom

We send orders for free to 200 pounds for free, of non -bulky materials, therefore all the electro -helpments and hardware equipment.

Outside EU

We do not ship only in the EU, even in non -EU countries, for customs standards are borne by the customer, as written in our terms and conditions.
In some countries, such as Norway, it is possible to place orders greater than 3000kr, and for the United Kingdom orders greater than 135 £. 

For available material

For the materials ready for delivery, we manage your order in a maximum of 2 working days.

  1. You'll receive a confirmation email
  2. Once you send a new message will make you have a useful link to follow your shipment.
  3. You will receive your package at home

For material not available/on order

For materials not ready for delivery, those reported as prodotto on the way, And an wait is expected to About 15 working days/30 working days.

For products not present in the catalog and/or ordered at the request expressed by the customer, such as doors (doors, counterframes and accessories), Velux, or particular paintings, customizations, Beta and health furnishings The delivery date will be agreed with the customer only following the order.

When will I receive the product?

Delivery date estimated that it is normally between 1 to 4 working days. If you need quick shipping, use the Express insured which guarantees the shipment in 1/2 working days, we remind you that it is guaranteed for Northern Italy and the large centers (Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples). For southern Italy there are about 5/6 working days, islands 7 working days. Excluding the shipments entrusted to Susa. 

If you are from Turin and its province, you can choose the EMMETI Prime service. Here for the conditions for the service.

Special products expeditions:

Shipping Porte & Velux

As regards the doors, a minimum shipping contribution of € 50 is applied for each door or counters of Scrigno and/or Ermetika. This amount varies according to the total number of selected products.

For products Velux, shipping costs start from a minimum amount of € 25 and are subject to variations depending on the number of selected products.

We remain available for further clarifications or additional information.


In this case, the volumetric weight of the packed product (not the actual weight of the scale) should be considered. By way of example but not exhaustive:

  • 0-10 kg cost 50 €
  • 10-15 kg cost 75 €
  • 15-20 kg cost 95 €
  • 20 kg on 125 €

Construction material

Our building material is available for shipping or delivery via the Emmetistor driver only in Turin and its province. To ensure efficient service, a minimum shipping contribution of € 45 is applied.

We remain available for any further information or requests.


Our electro -helpments and clothing below 24 kg will be entrusted to Italy in TNT, abroad with Fedex.

For cumbersome material, such as construction material, doors, stairs and large electroutensile, the chosen courier is Susa transport, For this type of material we cannot guarantee delivery in 2/3 working days, for a correct information on the time of surrender we can provide it by email.

For some voluminous products such as Velux, Milwaukee, Dewalt and Rubi, they will be entrusted to BRT.

Important info

ALWAYS ALWAYS THE control reserve to delivery, especially if you have chosen the insured shipment. In this way, in case of damage, we can activate insurance policies.

If the courier in charge of your shipment is BRT, it will also be necessary to affix a "Specific reserve", indicating the damage that the package seems to have suffered, eg: open package/ damaged neck/ BRT/ dpd adhesive tape.

Where the customer requires shipping and delivery in a country other than Italy - and where this option is available on the site - upon arrival in the customer's country, the product purchased could be subject to the payment of customs charges (i.e., in the street example, taxes, duties, taxes, commissions, etc.), which will be borne by the customer himself.

Emmeti Store S.r.l. He is not responsible for this customs tax and is not required to control their respective amounts. The customer therefore has the burden of checking the amount of these any charges in advance, not predeterminable.
For this reason, the Emmeti Store S.r.l. It suggests to the consumer customer to check - before submitting any purchase order proposal - any charges of this kind to the competent customs offices of the country of delivery, in order to find detailed information on the matter.

If the customer refused the product purchased at the time of his arrival or refuses to pay their respective customs charges, all costs relating to unpaid customs charges (both those relating to delivery in the customer's country, both those and the Emmeti Store S.r.l. held percentagely to pay the customs agents for the return of the product/s in Italy) will be charged to the Customer, operating a deduction from the paid amount which will be returned by way of reimbursement, which will be paid only at the time of the return to Emmeti Store S.r.l. of the refused goods.
Customs procedures could cause delays in delivery of the product. If delays are verified, the customer is advised to carry out the appropriate checks at the customs offices of competence. The invoice relating to customs charges may arrive weeks after receiving the product by the customer.