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Welcome to the page dedicated to the Usag brand on! We are proud to present our wide selection of Usag products, a renowned brand in the sector of high quality professional tools.

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Cassetta Bussole Usag 6011/4-1/2 J100 100 pz
Sale price€119,00 Regular price€165,00
Usag Socket Box 6011/4-1/2 J100 100 pcsUSAG Re-stocking soon
Valigia per Manutenzione Usag 002 JMA 181 pz
Sale price€395,00
Maintenance Case Usag 002 JMA 181 pcsUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €5,01
Giravite Elettrico Usag 324 XP/B16
Sale price€92,99 Regular price€98,00
Usag 324 XP/B16 Electric ScrewdriverUSAG In stock

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Valigia Trolley per Manutenzione Usag 002 JTMA 181 pz
Sale price€426,99 Regular price€449,00
Maintenance Trolley Case Usag 002 JTMA 181 pcsUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Valigetta attrezzi Usag 641 T
Sale priceFrom €17,99 Regular price€19,00
Usag 641 T tool caseUSAG In stock
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Porta Utensili Usag 007 V
Sale price€70,99 Regular price€75,00
Usag 007 V tool holderUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Porta Utensili Usag 007/1V
Sale price€54,99 Regular price€58,00
Usag tools door 007/1vUSAG In stock
Save €6,01
Borsa Trolley Portautensili Usag 007 TXV
Sale price€104,99 Regular price€111,00
Usag 007 TXV Tool Trolley BagUSAG In stock
Save €41,00
Sollevatore idraulico Usag 2550 A
Sale price€229,00 Regular price€270,00
Usag 2550 a lift aUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Zaino Porta Utensili Usag 007 SV
Sale price€65,99 Regular price€69,00
Usag 007 SV Tool BackpackUSAG In stock
Save €9,01
Carrello Multiuso Usag 504 SR
Sale price€165,99 Regular price€175,00
Usag 504 SR multipurpose trolleyUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Lampada LED Usag 889 IL
Sale price€54,99 Regular price€58,00
Usag 889 IL LED lampUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Forbici per Elettricisti Usag 207 D
Sale price€20,99 Regular price€22,00
Usag 207 D Scissors for ElectriciansUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Rivettatrice Usag 995 CA
Sale price€65,99 Regular price€69,00
USAG Rivetr 995 ACUSAG In stock
Save €22,01
Valigetta attrezzi Usag 002 UDM
Sale price€412,99 Regular price€435,00
Usag 002 UDM tool caseUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Borsa Porta Utensili e Pc Usag 007RV
Sale price€46,99 Regular price€49,00
Usag 007RV Tool and PC BagUSAG In stock
Save €8,01
Avvitatore ad Impulsi Usag 942 PC3
Sale price€149,99 Regular price€158,00
Usag 942 PC3 pulseUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Serie Chiavi Usag 9 pz 280 LTS/S9
Sale price€19,99 Regular price€21,00
Usag Key Series 9 pcs 280 LTS/S9USAG Re-stocking soon
Save €2,01
Set Cacciaviti Usag 8 pz
Sale price€29,99 Regular price€32,00
Usag Screwdriver Set 8 pcsUSAG In stock
Set Bussole Usag 601 1/2 J22
Sale price€79,00
Usag 601 1/2 J22 Socket SetUSAG In stock
Save €5,01
Baule Porta Utensili Usag 532 C
Sale price€93,99 Regular price€99,00
Usag 532 C Tool BoxUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Set Inserti Usag 692 J49
Sale price€26,99 Regular price€28,00
Usag 692 J49 Insert SetUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Rivettatrice Usag 995 A
Sale price€23,99 Regular price€25,00
Usag 995 A riveterUSAG In stock
Save €6,01
Baule Porta Utensili Usag 532 A
Sale price€108,99 Regular price€115,00
Usag 532 A Tool BoxUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Set Inserti Usag 664 S25
Sale price€45,99 Regular price€48,00
Usag 664 S25 Insert SetUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Torcia LED Stilo Usag 889 TS
Sale price€18,99 Regular price€20,00
Stilo Usag 889 TS LED torchUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Set Cacciaviti Slim Usag 091 D/SH5 5 pz
Sale price€34,99 Regular price€37,00
Usag 091 D/SH5 Slim Screwdriver Set 5 pcsUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Cassetta modulare Usag U06010001
Sale price€49,99 Regular price€53,00
Usag U06010001 modular cassetteUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Torcia LED Usag 889 TR
Sale price€48,99 Regular price€52,00
Usag 889 TR LED torchUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €2,01
Borsa Porta Utensili Soft Bag Piccola 007 FLV
Sale price€41,99 Regular price€44,00
Small Soft Bag Tool Bag 007 FLVUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Cassetta modulare con bussole Torx Usag 16 pz
Sale price€30,99 Regular price€33,00
Modular box with Usag Torx sockets 16 pcsUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Chiave regolabile Usag 294 AC
Sale price€32,99 Regular price€35,00
Adjustable Key Usag 294 BCUSAG In stock
Save €4,01
Set chiavi Usag 285 X/B8
Sale price€74,99 Regular price€79,00
Usag Keys Set 285 X/B8USAG In stock
Save €4,01
Chiavi combinate Usag 285KB/DS7
Sale price€70,99 Regular price€75,00
Combined USAG 2 285kb/DS7 keysUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Torcia Stilo Usag 889 TM
Sale price€23,99 Regular price€25,00
Stilo Usag 889 TM flashlightUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Set Bussole Usag 270 C/C3
Sale price€36,99 Regular price€39,00
Usag 270 C/C3 Socket SetUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Set Cacciaviti Usag 7 pz
Sale price€58,99 Regular price€62,00
Usag Screwdriver Set 7 pcsUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €2,01
Marsupio Usag 007 MLV
Sale price€32,99 Regular price€35,00
Usag Marsupium 007 mlvUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Rivettatrice Dritta Usag 995 LA
Sale price€41,99 Regular price€44,00
Dritta Usag 995 theUSAG In stock
Save €1,01
Rivettatrice Usag 995 AF
Sale price€26,99 Regular price€28,00
USAG 995 AF decentUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Borsa Termoidraulica 007 PLV
Sale price€39,99 Regular price€42,00
Thermo-hydraulic Bag 007 PLVUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Set Bussole Usag 235 1/2 MB/C10
Sale price€64,99 Regular price€68,00
Usag 235 1/2 MB/C10 Socket SetUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €0,01
Supporto Vuoto Usag
Sale price€7,99 Regular price€8,00
Empty Support UsagUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €14,01
Avvitatore ad Impulsi Usag 929 PC1
Sale price€274,99 Regular price€289,00
Usag 929 pc1 impulses screwdriverUSAG In stock
Save €3,01
Chiave Inglese Usag 17mm
Sale price€48,99 Regular price€52,00
Usag English key 17mmUSAG In stock
Save €2,01
Tronchesa a Tagliente Raso Diagonale per Materiali Plastici Usag
Sale price€41,99 Regular price€44,00
Diagonal Flush Cutting Nippers for Plastic Materials UsagUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €1,01
Chiave a Bussola Usag
Sale price€11,99 Regular price€13,00
Socket Wrench UsagUSAG Re-stocking soon
Save €5,01
Tronchesa con Testa Scanalata Usag
Sale price€93,99 Regular price€99,00
Slotted Head Cutter UsagUSAG Re-stocking soon


Usag's experience

Usag boasts over a hundred years of experience in the tool sector, with a history that begins way back in 1926. Over the years, Usag has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of professional tools for mechanics, electricians, plumbers and many other professionals . Quality, reliability and innovation are the pillars on which Usag's success is based.

Our selection of Usag products

On, we offer a wide range of Usag products, which include hand tools, specialized tools and accessories for the industrial sector. From wrenches to screwdrivers, pliers to measuring tools, you'll find everything you need to tackle your professional projects with confidence and precision. Each Usag product is made with high quality materials and subjected to rigorous controls to guarantee excellent performance and durability.

The Usag quality guarantee

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Usag is committed to providing tools that meet the highest standards of precision, durability and reliability. Each Usag product is carefully designed and made with selected materials to guarantee excellent performance in every working situation. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, with Usag you can count on superior quality tools.

Buy Usag products on

We are proud to offer our complete collection of Usag products on You can explore our online catalog and easily find the tools that meet your professional needs. Thanks to our intuitive interface and detailed descriptions, you can shop safely and conveniently. In addition to the convenience of online shopping, we also offer dedicated customer service to answer all your questions and provide you with personalized assistance.

Discover the excellence of Usag tools on

Choose Usag to get superior quality tools that will help you carry out your professional tasks with efficiency and precision. The combination of over a century of experience, uncompromising quality and constant innovation makes Usag the favorite brand of professionals all over the world. Trust to purchase the best Usag tools available on the market.

Start exploring our collection of Usag products now and discover the excellence of professional tools on!