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Livella a Bolla Bosch Pro Level 60cm
Sale price€54,00
Bosch Pro Level 60cm bubble levelBOSCH Sold out
Livella Magnetica ABC System
Sale priceFrom €24,30
ABC System Magnetic LevelABC SYSTEM In stock
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Save €8,01
Livella a Bolla Bosch Pro Level 120cm
Sale price€72,99 Regular price€81,00
Bosch Pro Level 120cm bubble levelBOSCH Sold out
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Livella Beta 1696 400
Sale price€15,99 Regular price€18,00
Beta Level 1696 400BETA Only 2 units left
Livella magnetica a 3 Bolle Benman L33 600mm
Livella a 3 Bolle Benman L33
Sale priceFrom €41,00
Benman L33 3-Bubble LevelBENMAN In stock
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Livella Torpedo Ryobi RHLTL-228
Sale price€14,00
Ryobi RHLTL-228 Torpedo LevelRYOBI In stock

Bubble levels

Bubble Levels on EmmetiStore.en: Precision Tools for Professional Work

If you are looking for precision tools for your professional work, the spirit levels available on are what you need. With a vast selection of high quality products, Emmeti Store is the perfect destination for craftsmen, technicians and professionals looking for reliable tools to ensure maximum precision in their projects. In this article, we will explore the different spirit level options available on and we will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

1. Introduction to Spirit Levels on

Spirit levels are essential tools for ensuring accuracy during construction, carpentry and other tasks that require perfect leveling. On, you will find a wide range of high quality spirit levels from the best manufacturers in the industry.

2. Bosch Pro Level

bubble levels

One of the options available on is the Bosch Pro Level spirit level. This level offers impeccable accuracy and exceptional durability thanks to its robust construction. Available in different lengths, such as the 60cm and 120cm model, Bosch Pro Level spirit levels are perfect for professional jobs that require maximum precision.

3. Mini Milwaukee


If you are looking for a compact and easy to transport level, the Milwaukee mini level is the ideal choice. With a compact design and a high-quality spirit level, this level will allow you to achieve precise results even on the smallest jobs.

4. Pocket Torpedo Level with Bubble Milwaukee

For jobs that require precise leveling in tight spaces, the Milwaukee Pocket Torpedo Level with Bubble is the perfect solution. Thanks to its compact design and multiple level bubbles, you can achieve flawless precision even in difficult situations.

5. ABC System Magnetic Level

The ABC System magnetic level is another high-quality option available on This level offers exceptional accuracy thanks to its precisely calibrated bubble vials. With its sturdy construction and super-strong magnets, this level is perfect for professional jobs that require precise measurement.

6. Beta Level 1696 400

The Beta 1696 400 level is a reliable choice for professionals looking for a high-quality option. With its solid construction and precision level bubbles, this level will guarantee you precise results in all your jobs.

7. Benman L33 600mm 3-Bubble Magnetic Level

The Benman L33 600mm 3-bubble magnetic level is one of the most advanced options available on Equipped with shock-proof acrylic bubble vials and super-strong rare earth magnets, this level offers extreme precision and exceptional durability. Furthermore, its mirror design allows for a clear view even in a vertical position on the wall.

8. Benman L33

3-Bubble Level

For those looking for a high-quality 3-bubble level, the Benman L33 level is an excellent choice. With its sturdy construction and precision level bubbles, this level will help you achieve accurate results in your professional projects.

9. The advantageous offers on offers competitive prices and advantageous offers on all spirit levels available in their catalogue. Not only will you be able to find high-quality tools, but you will also be able to save thanks to the promotions and discounts available.

10. How to choose the right spirit level for your needs

When selecting a spirit level, it is important to consider several factors. First, evaluate the length of the level based on your specific needs. Also, make sure you choose a high-quality level from a reputable manufacturer such as Bosch, Milwaukee, or Benman. Finally, consider additional features such as the presence of magnets or mirrors for greater precision.

11. Frequently asked questions about spirit levels

1. What is the ideal length for a spirit level? The ideal length depends on the type of work you need to do. For smaller jobs and tight spaces, a compact level may be sufficient. For larger jobs, you may need a longer level to cover more surface area.

2. Spirit levels available on are covered by warranty? Yes, all spirit levels available on are covered by warranty Be sure to review specific warranty information provided by the manufacturer.

3. Can I use a spirit level for external work? Some spirit levels are designed for both internal and external work, be sure to check the product specification to confirm its suitability for external use.

4. Spirit levels on EmmetiStore.en are they easy to use? Yes, the spirit levels on are designed to be easy to use. The detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer will guide you in the correct use of the level.

5. EmmetiStore.does it offer home delivery? Yes, offers home delivery Be sure to review the shipping information and delivery policies on the website.

12. Conclusions

The spirit levels available on are indispensable precision tools for professionals who seek accurate results in their work. With a large selection of high-quality options, Emmeti Store is the ideal choice for purchasing reliable and affordable spirit levels. Don't miss the opportunity to improve the accuracy of your professional projects. Visit today!