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Welcome to the page dedicated to the Black&Decker brand on! We are thrilled to present our vast selection of Black&Decker products, a reference brand in the quality power tools sector.

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Save €9,00
Set Tagliabordi con Rasaerba Black&Decker 1000W
Sale price€110,00 Regular price€119,00
Black&Decker 1000W Strimmer Set with LawnmowerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Pistola a Spruzzo con Base da Terra Black&Decker 450W
Sega Potatrice Black&Decker 800W
Sale price€95,00
Black&Decker Pruning Saw 800WBLACK&DECKER Re-stocking soon
Soffiatore Black&Decker GWC1820PC-QW 18V 2Ah

Batterie Incluse — 1

Combo Kit Black&Decker BCK24D2S-QW 18V
Save €32,00
Pistola a Spruzzo Compatta Black&Decker 400W
Sale price€64,00 Regular price€96,00
Black&Decker 400W Compact Spray GunBLACK&DECKER In stock
Save €10,00
Utensile Multifunzione Black&Decker 300W
Sale price€87,00 Regular price€97,00
Black&Decker 300W Multifunction ToolBLACK&DECKER In stock
Save €24,95
Levigatrice mouse Black&Decker BDCDS18-QW
Sale price€75,00 Regular price€99,95
Black&Decker BDCDS18-QW mouse sanderBLACK&DECKER Re-stocking soon
Trapano Avvitatore Black&Decker BDCDD12KB-QW

Batterie Incluse — 2

Combo Kit Black&Decker BCK21S1S-QW 18V 1.5 Ah

Batterie Incluse — 1

Elettrosega Black&Decker 2200W
Sale price€115,00
Black&Decker 2200W electric sawBLACK&DECKER Sold out
Set per Forare e Avvitare Black&Decker 50 pz
Smerigliatrice Angolare Black&Decker 900W
Sale price€37,00
Black&Decker 900W Angle GrinderBLACK&DECKER In stock
Soffiatore Black&Decker BEBLV290-QS 2900W
Save €4,95
Smerigliatrice angolare Black&Decker BEG010-QS 710W
Sale price€35,00 Regular price€39,95
Black&Decker BEG010-QS 710W-115MM angle grinderBLACK&DECKER In stock
Trapano a percussione Black&Decker BEH710K-QS

No Batterie

Elettrosega Black&Decker 18V 2Ah
Sale price€122,00
Black&Decker 18V 2Ah electric sawBLACK&DECKER In stock

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Save €5,00
Utensile Multifunzione Rotativo Black&Decker con 52 Accessori
Sale price€54,00 Regular price€59,00
Black&Decker Rotary Multifunction Tool with 52 AccessoriesBLACK&DECKER In stock
Trapano a percussione Black&Decker BDCHD18K-QW

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Tassellatore Black&Decker BEHS01-QS 650W
Compressore Portatile Black&Decker ASI400-XJ
Banco da lavoro Workmate® Black&Decker Altezza Fissa
Tagliasiepi Black&Decker 18V 2Ah

Batterie Incluse — 1

Caricabatteria Black&Decker 2A
Sale price€35,00
Black&Decker 2A battery chargerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Svitavvita Black&Decker BCF601C-XJ
Sale price€19,00
Unscrew Black&Decker BCF601C-XJBLACK&DECKER In stock

Batterie Incluse — 4

Mini Sega Circolare Black&Decker BES510-QW 400W
Tagliabordi Black&Decker 350W
Sale price€33,00
Black&Decker 350W trimmerBLACK&DECKER Re-stocking soon
Set Tagliabordi con Soffiatore Black&Decker 18V 2Ah

No Batterie

Tagliasiepi Black&Decker 500W
Sale price€88,00
Black&Decker 500W hedge trimmerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Kit Cesoia, Sfoltirami, Guanti e Cesoia Manuale Black&Decker 7V
Seghetto Alternativo Black&Decker KS801SEK-QS 550W
Save €10,00
Sega potatrice Black&Decker GPC1820L20-QW 18V 2Ah
Sale price€145,00 Regular price€155,00
Black&Decker GPC1820L20-QW pruner saw 18V Lithium 2.0AhBLACK&DECKER In stock
Levigatrice orbitale Black&Decker BEW220-QS 150W
Tagliasiepi Black&Decker 450W
Sale price€69,00
Black&Decker 450W hedge trimmerBLACK&DECKER Sold out
Save €13,00
Compressore Portatile Black&Decker ASI200-XJ
Sale price€39,00 Regular price€52,00
Black Decker ASI200-XJ Portable CompressorBLACK&DECKER In stock
Tagliabordi Black&Decker 550W
Sale price€89,00
Black&Decker 550W trimmerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Robot Rasaerba Black&Decker BCRMW122-QW 12V 4.3Ah

Batterie Incluse — 1

Tagliabordi Black&Decker 700W
Sale price€75,00
Black&Decker 700W trimmerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Idropulitrice Black&Decker BEPW2000-QS 2000W
Sale price€156,00
Black & Decker 2000W pressure washerBLACK&DECKER In stock, 10 units
Save €4,00
Idropulitrice Black&Decker BEPW1700-QS 1700W
Sale price€135,00 Regular price€139,00
Black & Decker 1700W pressure washerBLACK&DECKER In stock, 10 units
Save €5,00
Idropulitrice Black&Decker BEPW1300H-QS 1300W
Sale price€120,00 Regular price€125,00
Black & Decker 1300W pressure washerBLACK&DECKER In stock, 10 units
Multilevigatrice Black&Decker BEW200-QS 200W
Save €3,00
Tagliasiepi Black&Decker BEHT251-QS 450W
Sale price€62,00 Regular price€65,00
Black&Decker BEHT251-QS 450W hedge trimmerBLACK&DECKER In stock
Svitavvita Black&Decker CS3651LC-QW
Robot Rasaerba Black&Decker BCRMW123-QW 12V 4.3Ah

Batterie Incluse — 1

Tagliabordi/Rasaerba 3 in 1 Black&Decker 550W

Black Decker

The excellence of Black&Decker

For decades, Black & Decker has established itself as a leader in the field of power tools, offering reliable, innovative and high-quality products. Thanks to their experience and constant search for cutting-edge solutions, Black&Decker has earned the trust of professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. Whether you need a drill, circular saw or multi-tool, Black&Decker offers everything you need to tackle your projects safely and efficiently.

Our selection of Black&Decker products

On, you can find a wide range of Black&Decker power tools to meet all your needs. From gardening equipment to DIY tools, we have selected the best Black&Decker products to offer you a complete shopping experience. Each product has been carefully chosen to ensure excellent performance, durability and ease of use. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, Black&Decker products are designed to simplify your work and obtain high-quality results.

The reliability of Black&Decker

Black&Decker is committed to offering high quality products that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Each Black&Decker power tool is carefully designed and made with resistant materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Thanks to their reliability and robustness, Black&Decker products are able to face even the most demanding challenges. By purchasing a Black&Decker product on, you can count on tools that will accompany you for years and that will exceed your expectations.

Buy Black&Decker products on

We are proud to offer a wide range of Black&Decker products on You can explore our online catalog and easily find the power tools that best suit your needs. With our intuitive interface, you can shop easily and safely, receiving the products directly to your home. In addition to the convenience of online shopping, offers a dedicated customer service that will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with professional assistance.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the quality and reliability of Black&Decker products. Buy your favorite power tools today on and discover how Black&Decker can simplify your work and take your projects to the next level.