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Online sale of cutters, hacksaws and cutter blades for all materials. Buy online on Emmeti Store.

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Coltellino Compatto Richiudibile Milwaukee
Sale price€18,00
Milwaukee Compact Folding KnifeMILWAUKEE In stock, 55 units
Save €2,01
Coltello Beta 1778SOS
Sale price€19,99 Regular price€22,00
Beta 1778SOS knifeBETA In stock, 7 units
Coltellino Mimetico Richiudibile Milwaukee
Sale price€25,00
Milwaukee Folding Camouflage KnifeMILWAUKEE In stock, 33 units
Save €0,01
Coltello da lavoro Festool
Sale price€18,99 Regular price€19,00
Festool work knifeFESTOOL In stock, 42 units
Save €3,01
Set Cutter Bosch Professional Knife
Sale price€24,99 Regular price€28,00
Bosch Professional Knife Cutter SetBOSCH Only 2 units left
Save €1,01
Coltello sport pieghevole Dewalt DWHT0-10313
Sale price€22,99 Regular price€24,00
Dewalt DWHT0-10313 folding sports knifeDEWALT In stock
Cutter Akifix Lama 18mm
Sale price€6,00
Cutter Akifix 18mm bladeAKIFIX SPA Sold out
Lame Standard NAT07002 18 mm Pz10
Lame Grandi NAT07004 25 mm Pz10
Cutter Tajima 25mm
Sale price€13,40
Tajima cutter 25mmTAJIMA Sold out
Cutter Beta 1772M
Sale price€15,00
Cutter Beta 1772MBETA Only 2 units left
Save €2,01
Cutter Beta 1771HD 18 mm
Sale price€14,99 Regular price€17,00
Cutter Beta 1771HD 18 mmBETA In stock, 5 units
Cutter Abc 25mm
Sale price€10,40
Cutter ABC 25mmABC SYSTEM Re-stocking soon
Save €1,00
Cutter Beta 1772R
Sale price€12,00 Regular price€13,00
Cutter Beta 1772RBETA In stock, 10 units
Save €3,23
Milwaukee fixed blade knife
Sale price€33,00 Regular price€36,23
Milwaukee fixed blade knifeMILWAUKEE In stock, 10 units
Cutter Benman Auto Lock Soft Grip 18mm
Cutter Benman Auto Lock 18mm
Sale priceFrom €3,30
Cutter Benman Auto Lock 18mmBENMAN In stock
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Cutter Abc 18mm
Sale price€6,99
Cutter ABC 18mmABC SYSTEM In stock
Save €1,01
Cutter Beta 1771BM 18mm
Sale price€11,99 Regular price€13,00
Cutter Beta 1771BM 18mmBETA In stock, 9 units
Stanley sports knife
Sale price€19,00
Stanley sports knifeSTANLEY In stock

Knives and cutters

Knives and cutters

Knives and cutters are essential tools for various applications, from cutting fabrics to shaping plasterboard sheets. Obviously, it is essential to purchase the right cutter based on the material to be cut, choosing a model specifically designed to guarantee easy engraving and a impeccable cut without burrs. 

From Emmeti Store it is possible to buy cutters, hacksaws and cutter blades from the best brands in the sector online, with a complete selection of tools and spare parts from important brands such as Akifix and Tajima. In our dedicated catalog you can also find the adjustable compass saw and the hacksaw, fundamental tools for cutting plasterboard sheets and panels perfectly and effortlessly.

For the most demanding uses we offer the cutter, with ergonomic rubberized steel handle and anti-corrosion zinc blade, ideal for cutting hard materials. Alternatively, in our online store it is possible to purchase the classic paper cutter to be used for DIY and hobbies or the wood cutter, useful for carpenters and for DIY household chores.

In Emmeti's e-commerce, high quality products are available at affordable prices, with many offers and the shipping service fast throughout Italy. Furthermore, it is possible to buy everything needed for any type of work, from building materials to professional power tools, with the possibility of paying in 3 installments and requesting the billing at check-out.

How to choose the right cutter

The cutter is a rather economical tool, an essential tool to always have in your toolbox, as it is useful in many application areas. To choose the right model you must first consider the material to be cut, to understand whether it is necessary to choose a sturdy iron cutter or a fabric cutter suitable for this type of use.

At the same time it is important to take into account the quality of the blade, the length and the width of the cutting surface. To ensure a safe grip, the presence of an ergonomic handle, possibly made of non-slip rubber, is essential. Furthermore, the frame must be made of resistant materials such as steel to ensure maximum sustainability.

The cutter blade must be well sharpened with high structural rigidity, so that the tool allows precise work to be carried out. For some specific contexts it is possible to opt for particular saws and cutters, such as the hole saw or circular adjustable for professional cutting of plasterboard.

How to change the blade of the cutter cutter

When the cutter blade has worn out, it is necessary to replace it, to reuse the cutter frame by installing the new cutting surface. Changing the cutter blade is quite simple, in fact you just need to remove the stop and remove the old blade, insert the new one into the appropriate housing and screw the safety lock back on.

Depending on the blade mounted it is possible to use the same cutter on different types of material, in this way with the same tool you can carry out different jobs in a practical way. At Emmeti Isolanti you can purchase quality cutters and blades online, taking advantage of competitive prices with a vast assortment of products for construction, gardening and plant engineering.