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On Emmeti Store you can find professional Giraffe Sanders at super affordable prices.

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Levigatrice Estendibile Stanley SFMEE500S-QS 750W
Sale price€179,00 Regular price€195,00
Stanley SFME500S-QS 750W extensible sanderSTANLEY In stock
Save €117,00
Levigatrice Festool Planex LHS 225 EQl-Plus 400W
Sale price€1.419,00 Regular price€1.536,00
Festool Planex LHS 225 EQl-Plus 400W sanderFESTOOL Sold out
Save €16,01
Levigatrice Giraffa FFgroup DSL 750 PLUS 750W
Sale price€148,99 Regular price€165,00
Giraffa FFgroup DSL 750 PLUS 750W sanderFFGROUP In stock
Save €78,01
Levigatrice a giraffa Flex GE 5 R + TB-L
Sale price€700,99 Regular price€779,00
Flex GE 5 R + TB-L giraffe sanderFLEX Only 3 units left
Save €36,00
Levigatrice Festool Planex LHS 2 225/CTL 36-Set 400W
Sale price€2.549,00 Regular price€2.585,00
Festol Planex LHS 2 225/CTL 36-set 400W sanderFESTOOL Sold out
Save €63,00
Levigatrice Planex Festool LHS 2 225/CTM 36-Set 400W
Sale price€2.825,00 Regular price€2.888,00
Planex Festool LHS 2 225/CTM 36-Set 400W sanderFESTOOL Sold out
Save €27,01
Levigatrice Giraffa FFgroup DSL 400-BL PRO 400W
Sale price€247,99 Regular price€275,00
Giraffa FFgroup DSL 400-BL PRO 400W sanderFFGROUP In stock
Levigatrice Makita DSL800RTEU 18V 5Ah
Sale price€733,00
Makita DSL800RTEU 18V 5Ah sanderMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Levigatrice Festool Planex LHS 2-M 225 EQ 400W
Sale price€1.058,99 Regular price€1.081,00
Festool Planex LHS 2-M 225 EQ 400W sanderFESTOOL Only 1 unit left
Levigatrice Makita DSL800ZU 18V
Sale price€514,00
Makita DSL800ZU 18V sanderMAKITA In stock

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Levigatrice Spit DWS 225 + AC 1625 550W
Sale price€1.599,00 Regular price€1.611,00
Spit DWS 225 + AC 1625 550W sanderSPIT Re-stocking soon
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Levigatrice a giraffa Flex GE 6 R-EC
Sale price€849,00 Regular price€1.265,00
Giraffe Sandy Flex GE 6 R-ECFLEX In stock, 8 units
Makita DSL801ZU 18V sander
Sale price€576,00
Makita DSL801ZU 18V sanderMAKITA In stock

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Levigatrice per Cartongesso Dewalt DCE800T2-QW 18V 6Ah
Sale price€1.183,00 Regular price€1.197,00
Dewalt DCE800T2-QW 18V 6Ah Plasterboard SanderDEWALT In stock

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Levigatrice Festool Planex LHS 225 EQl-Plus 400W Promo
Sale priceFrom €1.474,00
Festol Planex LHS 225 EQL-Plus 400W PromoFESTOOL Sold out
Levigatrice Spit DWS 225 550W
Sale price€899,00
Spit DWS 225 550W sanderSPIT Re-stocking soon

Giraffe sanders

Giraffe Sanders: The Perfect Choice for an Impeccable Finish

Giraffe sanders are essential tools for achieving a flawless finish on walls and ceilings. On EmmetiStore.en, you will find a wide selection of giraffe sanders that make finishing work more efficient and effective. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using giraffe sanders, the different models available on and how to choose the one that best suits your needs. Get ready to discover how these tools can simplify your next renovation project!

Giraffe Sanders: The Key to a Superb Finish

Rough walls and imperfect ceilings can ruin the overall look of a room, but giraffe sanders can transform these surfaces into a smooth canvas ready for painting or decorating. Thanks to their unique design, these sanders allow you to easily reach even the highest and most difficult to access areas.

Advantages of Giraffe Sanders

  1. Operational Efficiency: Giraffe sanders allow you to work faster and more efficiently, saving time and effort.
  2. Uniform Results: Their uniform sanding action guarantees a homogeneous finish across the entire surface.
  3. Less Fatigue: Thanks to the ergonomic design, the operator feels less fatigue during prolonged use.

Discover the range of sanders on

On EmmetiStore.en, you will find a wide range of giraffe sanders, each designed to meet different finishing needs. Here are some of the most popular models:

BasicPro Model Giraffe Sander

This model is ideal for beginners and offers a perfect balance between performance and ease of use. With enough power to sand walls and ceilings, the BasicPro is an excellent starting point for anyone new to this tool.

Giraffe sander Model ProMaster

If you are a professional who requires superior performance, the ProMaster Model is what you need. With more power and greater sanding efficiency, this sander is designed to handle more demanding projects.

Giraffe sander TurboFinish model

For those looking for maximum power and precision, the TurboFinish Model offers an unprecedented sanding experience. With advanced features and precise control, this sander is the best choice for high-quality results.

How to Choose the Right Giraffe Sander

Choosing the right giraffe sander depends on your specific needs. Here are some points to consider:

Surface Types

Evaluate the type of surface you need to sand. Models with different speed options and power levels are suitable for various surfaces.

Frequency of Use

If you use your sander often for professional projects, investing in a high-quality model is a wise choice. For occasional use, a basic model may be sufficient.

Additional Accessories

Some models offer additional accessories such as interchangeable heads or dust bags. Consider whether these additional benefits are important to you.

Tips for Effective Sanding

  1. Preparation: Be sure to prepare your work area by covering furniture and floors to prevent damage and make cleaning easier.
  2. Smooth Movements: Maintain regular and uniform movements when sanding to avoid grooves or irregularities.
  3. Personal Protection: Always wear glasses and a dust mask to protect your eyes and respiratory tract.


Giraffe sanders are indispensable allies for obtaining impeccable finishing results. On, you will find a variety of models that meet different needs, from the do-it-yourselfer to the experienced professional. Investing in a quality boom sander will allow you to complete your projects with ease and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a giraffe sander and an orbital sander? The main difference lies in the coverage area and use. Giraffe sanders are designed to reach ceilings and walls, while orbital sanders are ideal for smaller, more detailed surfaces.

Can I use any type of sandpaper on my sander? It is important to use the correct sandpaper based on your sander model. Check your user manual to make sure you're using the right type of paper.

How loud is a boom sander? Noise varies between different models, but many boom sanders are designed to be relatively quiet in use.

What should I do with the dust produced during sanding? Many models of giraffe sanders come with dust bags or are compatible with vacuum cleaners. This helps keep the work area clean and reduces dust dispersion into the environment.

Can I rent a giraffe sander instead of buying one? Yes, in many cases it is possible to rent a giraffe sander for occasional projects. However, if you plan to use it frequently, the purchase may be more cost-effective in the long run.