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On Emmeti Store you will find a wide choice of spatulas, trowels and trowels for your activities. Discover the offers and buy online: fast shipping.

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Frattone Bulova Nela Edge
Sale priceFrom €25,00
Bulova Nela Edge trowelBULOVA In stock
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Frattone Inox Akifix NATG02001
Frattone Inox Akifix Bordi Arrotondati
Spatola a campana Akifix acciaio Inox
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Frattone a due mani Bulova 5020
Sale price€27,00
Bulova 5020 two-handed trowelBULOVA Sold out
Frattone Inox Akifix Bordi Diritti
Save €0,01
Impugnatura ad Attacco Rapido Raimondi
Sale price€3,99 Regular price€4,00
Raimondi Quick Connect HandleRAIMONDI Re-stocking soon
Cazzuolino Safit Pavan ART.946
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Safit Pavan trowel ART.946SAFIT In stock
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Cazzuolino Safit Pavan ART.942-T
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Safit Pavan trowel ART.942-TSAFIT In stock
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Cazzuolino Safit Pavan ART.982
Sale priceFrom €8,00
Safit Pavan trowel ART.982SAFIT In stock
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Frattone Sicodur 28x13
Sale price€16,90
Sicodur trowel 28x13BULOVA In stock
Spatola angolare interna Benman
Sale price€13,00
Benman internal corner trowelBENMAN In stock
Frattone P.E. 875 tabacco 29X15
Sale price€8,00
Frattone P.E. 875 tobacco 29X15SAFIT In stock
Frattone Inox Trapezoidale Manico Gomma 28x12
Frattone P.E 814
Sale price€45,00
Trowel P.E 814SAFIT In stock
Frattone Bulova 1455
Sale price€30,00
Frattone Bulova 1455BULOVA In stock
Cazzuolino Safit Pavan 140mm
Sale price€8,00
Safit Pavan trowel 140mmSAFIT Re-stocking soon

Trowels and spatulas

Trowels and Spatulas

At Emmeti Store you can buy online spatulas for painting, wood and concrete, bricklayer's trowels and professional trowels for every application need. In our online store we offer a rich assortment of products, from Emmeti Isolanti brand tools to proposals from the most prestigious international brands such as Akifix, Maurer and Bulova.

In particular, it is possible to buy a stainless steel spatula for professional and heavy-duty uses, a robust model suitable for continuous use and very dense materials. For finishing touches, you can opt for the trowel, an economical but indispensable tool for making touch-ups with extreme precision. 

For construction, an essential tool is the trowel, a fundamental tool for spreading stucco or mortar, plastering walls and building concrete walls. stone. To smooth walls, however, a must-have tool is the trowel or trowel, to smooth and finish horizontal and vertical surfaces easily. 

In the Emmeti e-commerce we offer a complete range of trowels, spatulas and trowels for bricklayers, painters and tilers, with advantageous prices, free returns and fast delivery at domicile. Inside the online shop it is also possible to buy building materials, power tools and work clothing, to purchase everything you need for your business in a single web store.

How to choose spatulas, trowels and trowels

Building tools must be chosen with particular attention, based on the type of use and the materials to be worked on. The spatula is a very simple tool, made up of a handle and a flat surface. The handle must be comfortable and ergonomic, while the covering must be robust but also flexible. 

The most popular model is the steel spatula, ideal for applications with mortar, stucco or plaster, otherwise with the wood spatula you can handle glues and other products. In the construction sector, there is a tendency to prefer the concrete trowel, a resistant tool that is slightly larger than the traditional putty trowel.

The steel trowel is also a tool in great demand for DIY and professional activities, from the American trowel for smooth finishes, up to the trowel toothed to leave the surface grooved and less flat. In any case, it is important to consider the weight, the handle coating and the size of the trowel, preferring the smaller ones for touch-ups and the larger models for treating large surfaces. 

The professional stainless steel trowels from Emmeti Store

In the dedicated catalog it is possible to purchase the Emmeti Store professional trowels, made specifically for the needs of tilers, construction workers and bricklayers. These are high quality products, with flat blade in stainless steel and rubber handle with aluminum frame, available in the version for straight edges and in that for rounded edges.

To perform impeccable smoothing it is also possible to opt for the trapezoidal steel trowel, while for less demanding jobs there is the reinforced sicodur trowel, cheaper and lighter than to traditional models. For any information or doubts, simply contact our support service, also available via WhatsApp.