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Discover waterproofing products and cement sheaths for external floors and roofs. Fast shipping and free assistance on every purchase.

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Impermeabilizzante anti infiltrazione Fila SALVATERRAZZA
Impermeabilizzante Fassa Aquazip Floor & Wall
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Fassa Aquazip Floor & Wall waterproofingFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Impermeabilizzante Fassa Aquazip GE97
Sale price€79,00
Fassa Aquazip GE97 waterproofingFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
Impermeabilizzante Fassa Aquazip One 20kg
Sale price€68,33
Fassa Aquazip One waterproofing 20kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Impermeabilizzante Fassa Aquazip RDY
Sale price€108,00 Regular price€108,03
Fassa Aquazip RDY waterproofingFASSA In stock
Impermeabilizzante Kerakoll Bioscud
Sale priceFrom €29,90
Kerakoll Bioscud waterproofingKERAKOLL Re-stocking soon
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Impermeabilizzante Kerakoll Nanoflex
Sale price€69,00
Kerakoll Nanoflex waterproofingKERAKOLL Re-stocking soon
Malta osmotica Fassa M0660 25kg
Sale priceFrom €26,50
Fassa M0660 osmotic mortar 25kgFASSA BORTOLO Re-stocking soon
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Mapelastic Turbo A+B 18 kg
Sale price€103,90 Regular price€127,00
Mapelastic Turbo A+B 18 kgMAPEI Re-stocking soon
Membrana impermeabilizzante Fassa Lamina 2D
Membrana impermeabilizzante Fassa Lamina 3D
Telo desolidarizzante Fassa Lamina Tex



The waterproofing products are essential materials for protecting coverings such as external floors and roofs, preserving the surfaces from the deteriorating action of atmospheric agents. Furthermore, these products are essential to guarantee adequate thermal insulation, protect interiors from infiltrations and avoid the formation of mold and bacteria for better air quality. 

On Emmeti Isolanti you can buy excellent waterproofing products from the best brands, such as Fassa Bortolo, Mapei and Schlüter. In our e-commerce you can find sheaths, glues and mortars for waterproofing terraces, roofs and floors, with options for every type of application and need. 

In the catalog there are products with a high adhesive capacity, with specific materials for concrete substrates, screeds, mortars, ceramics, stone, bricks, wood and old floorings.

Emmeti Store offers you a technical assistance service 24/7, also via WhatsApp, with advantageous prices, lots of offers and fast and secure online payments. At the same time you can request invoicing at checkout, with the possibility of taking advantage of fast deliveries and also managing large quantities. 

The various types of waterproofing

Products for waterproofing external floors and roofs must be chosen carefully to obtain the desired performance against infiltration. A valid solution is the application of solid structures such as cement sheaths: an ideal option for the protection of large surfaces.

The waterproofing sheaths differ in some aspects, with the self-adhesive membranes, easy to install, suitable for roofs and wooden surfaces, or the thermo-adhesive ones with fixing via the use of the flame. As regards the external covering, some products are rough, while others have aesthetically refined finishes for visible applications. 

Alternatively, it is possible to choose liquid waterproofing: ready-made compounds or to be mixed with special mixing drills, capable of ensuring maximum versatility for protection of external structures. These products are suitable for small or medium-sized terraces and balconies, or for vertical surfaces, require simple installation, boast a high degree of resistance to sunlight and a better aesthetic appearance .

Which waterproofing to choose

To identify the right option for roof waterproofing it is necessary to take into account the existing thermal insulation on which the external protection will have to be applied, the coating to be added at the end of the works and the type of structure on which to intervene. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the degree of waterproofing you want to achieve, the quality/price ratio of the various materials and the installation methods. 

The assembly can take place on top of the old flooring or by removing it and then applying a new support and the sheath or liquid waterproofing. In any case the installation must be very careful, to avoid any defects and dangerous water infiltrations, considering the mechanical resistance and durability of the material to be used.