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Buy band saws online: battery or mains powered and with or without bench. Discover the entire range on Emmeti Store.

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Sega Nastro Makita LB1200F 900W
Sale price€788,00 Regular price€873,00
Makita LB1200F 900W Band SawMAKITA Re-stocking soon
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Sega a nastro Milwaukee M12 BS-0 12V
Sale price€199,00 Regular price€206,00
Milwaukee M12 BS-0 12V band sawMILWAUKEE Only 2 units left

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Makita PB002GZ01 40V Band Saw
Sale price€513,00 Regular price€538,00
Makita PB002GZ01 40V Band SawMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Sega Nastro Makita DPB183Z 18V
Sale price€319,00
Makita DPB183Z 18V Band SawMAKITA Re-stocking soon

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Sega a nastro Milwaukee M12 FBS64-0C 12V
Sale price€336,00 Regular price€365,00
Milwaukee M12 FBS64-0C 12V band sawMILWAUKEE Sold out

No Batterie

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Sega a nastro Milwaukee M12 FBS64-402C 12V 4Ah
Sale price€515,00 Regular price€560,00
Milwaukee M12 FBS64-402C 12V 4Ah band sawMILWAUKEE Only 2 units left

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Sega Nastro Makita PB002GM201 40V 4Ah
Sale price€801,00 Regular price€841,00
Makita PB002GM201 Band Saw 40V 4AhMAKITA Re-stocking soon

Batterie Incluse — 2

Band Saws

Band Saws

At Emmeti Store you can find a wide selection of quality band saws, with battery-operated and corded models suitable for every need, from professional work to DIY. These power tools are essential for making precise cuts in wood and other materials, ensuring maximum versatility thanks to portable configurations or with locking on fixed structures.

In our e-commerce you can purchase the reliable Makita band saw , an easy and practical machine to use, with lithium ion battery for maximum autonomy and high energy efficiency. The Makita band saw is light, safe and has a battery charger supplied, with the possibility of customizing the tool with a vast assortment of compatible accessories.

For always accurate work, professional band saws allow you to adjust cutting, choosing the height and speed for perfect engravings of each element. The ergonomic handle of the machines allows you to always work safely, reducing fatigue and obtaining clean cuts without imperfections.

In addition to the band saw, we provide many tools for cutting materials, with a complete catalog which includes circular saws and table saws to meet every need. There are dedicated offers on all products on sale, and it is also possible to pay in installments and take advantage of fast shipping throughout Italy.

How to choose the best band saw

Before purchasing the best band saw, it is important to analyze some aspects to identify the most suitable power tool for your needs.

It is essential to choose a portable battery-powered model, useful for small jobs and direct cuts on the wooden piece, or a machine to be fixed to move the element while keeping the blade blocked.

Some tools can cut not only wood, but also soft materials such as non-hard metals, plastic and PVC. Factors to consider include the power of the electric motor, the quality of the band saw blade, the cutting size and the speed of the band saw. Furthermore, safety devices must be taken into account, such as the button for immediate stop and hand protection.

The noise level of the machine should not be underestimated to benefit from maximum comfort when cutting materials, including additional features such as cooling system, cutting guide and residue blowing. The same goes for the weight, so that the tool is easy to handle and practical to use even for long periods.

The advantages of band saws

The band saw for hobbyists is an indispensable tool for working objects in wood and other soft materials, as it allows you to make precise and uniform cuts. Compared to a jigsaw, these models ensure superior capabilities, especially for engraving irregular shapes and making curved cuts.

Portable band saws are suitable for DIY and carpentry work, proving to be essential tools for plumbers and carpenters. In fact, they allow you to cut both wooden inserts and particular components, such as plastic or metal pipes, impeccably. Furthermore, specific interventions can be carried out such as bevels and oblique cuts.