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Fassa Bortolo intumescent paints are the best solution in this field.

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Pittura Intumescente Fassa Barrier87 20kg
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Fassa Intumescent Paints on

Fassa intumescent paints are available on and offer an effective solution for the protection of various structures against fire. Here is some information about Fassa intumescent paints on EmmetiStore:

Intumescent Painting Fassa Barrier87

The Fassa Barrier87 intumescent paint is available in 20kg packs and is a water-dilutable product used for the fire protection of metal structures and panels, concrete columns and structures, concrete floors, brick walls and more. This product is certified and offers a protective barrier against fire.

Use of Fassa Intumescent Paints

Fassa intumescent paints are specifically designed for the fire protection of various load-bearing structures, such as steel structures, concrete structures, concrete floors and walls. These paints create an insulating layer that expands thermally in the event of a fire, forming a protective barrier against high temperatures. In this way, they help reduce the spread of fire and the risk of collapse of structures.

Purchase of Fassa Intumescent Paints on offers the possibility of purchasing Fassa Barrier87 intumescent paint directly online. The 20kg pack is available for immediate purchase and can be added to your cart.


Fassa intumescent paints, in particular Barrier87, are a reliable choice for protecting various structures against fire. Available on, these paints offer a certified solution and can be easily purchased online. If you need to protect your structures from fires, Fassa intumescent paints could be the ideal choice.