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In this section you can find hooks and fittings: we work every day to guarantee the best products at the right price.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Giunto lineare 48x15mm
Sale price€0,30
Linear joint 48x15mmMETALSTAMPI In stock
Giunto lineare 48x27mm
Sale price€0,30
Linear joint 48x27mmMETALSTAMPI In stock
Gancio con molla per montante
Sale price€0,50
Hook with spring for uprightMETALSTAMPI In stock
Gancio con molla per stilprim
Sale price€0,50
Hook with spring for stilprimMETALSTAMPI In stock
Gancio Ortogonale ABC System
Sale price€0,34
ABC System Orthogonal HookABC SYSTEM In stock
Staffa universale regolabile
Sale price€0,45
Adjustable universal bracketMETALSTAMPI In stock
Molla doppia per pendino Akifix
Sale price€1,30
Double spring for Akifix hangerAKIFIX In stock
Pendino a ombrello
Sale priceFrom €0,25
Umbrella hangerABC SYSTEM In stock
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Gancio Semplice 50/27-15
Sale price€0,32
Simple hook 50/27-15METALSTAMPI In stock
Gancio Ortogonale M 48x27MM
Sale price€0,38
Orthogonal Hook M 48x27MMMETALSTAMPI In stock
Filo di Ferro Ritorto 5 Kg
Sale price€26,90
Twisted Iron Wire 5 KgAKIFIX SPA In stock

Hooks and fittings

Hooks and Fittings on The Solution for Your Installation Needs

If you need quality hooks and fittings for your installations, is the ideal destination. With a wide range of products, affordable prices and reliable service, is the point of reference for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the wide selection of hooks and fittings available on, providing detailed information on the products and brands present in the catalogue.

1. Introduction to Hooks and Fittings

1.1 What are Hooks and Fittings?

Hooks and fittings are essential components for connecting and securing structural or decorative elements. They are widely used in sectors such as construction, furniture, industry and much more. The hooks allow you to hang objects or support structures, while the fittings allow you to join two elements in a stable and safe way.

2. Your Destination for Hooks and Fittings

2.1 Explore the Wide Range of Products

On you will find a wide selection of hooks and fittings from renowned brands in the sector. Choose from a selection of high quality products, guaranteed for their reliability and durability over time. With over 11 products available, you will have the opportunity to find exactly what you need for your installations.

2.2 Quality Marks collaborates with the best brands in the field of hooks and fittings. Among the brands present in the catalog you will find:

  • METALSTAMPI: Offers a variety of high-quality hooks and fittings, ideal for different applications.
  • ABC SYSTEM: Offers innovative solutions for orthogonal hooks and other furnishing accessories.
  • AKIFIX: Specialized in products for fixing and applying hangers.

2.3 Advantages of Purchasing on

Purchase on offers numerous advantages:

  • Convenient prices: is committed to offering quality products at competitive prices.
  • Wide availability: The range of products available ensures that you will always find what you need.
  • Easy purchasing: The intuitive and user-friendly website makes purchasing quick and easy.
  • Fast delivery: offers fast delivery to ensure your products arrive timely.

3. Featured Products

Below are some of the most popular hooks and fittings available on EmmetiStore.en:

3.1 Linear Joint 48x15mm by METALSTAMPI

  • Price: €0.30 (Discounted price)
  • Description: High quality linear joint ideal for connecting uprights.
  • Availability: Immediately available

3.2 Hook with Spring for Upright by METALSTAMPI

  • Price: €0.50 (Discounted price)
  • Description: Hook with spring designed for fixing uprights.
  • Availability: Immediately available

3.3 ABC System Orthogonal Hook

  • Price: €0.34 (Discounted price)
  • Description: Quality orthogonal hook offered by ABC System.
  • Availability: Immediately available

Conclusions is your reliable partner for purchasing high quality hooks and fittings. With a wide range of products, renowned brands and affordable prices, you are sure to find everything you need for your installations. Visit today and discover the quality of their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the availability of the products on offers a wide selection of products available for immediate purchase. Check specific product availability on their site.
Which brands are present in the EmmetiStore Among the brands present in the EmmetiStore you will find METALSTAMPI, ABC SYSTEM and AKIFIX, just to name a few.
EmmetiStore fast delivery? Yes, offers fast delivery to ensure products arrive timely.
I can count on EmmetiStore customer Absolutely! offers a qualified customer support service that will help you with your questions and requests.
What are the advantages of purchasing on Buy on offers you affordable prices, wide availability of products, ease of purchase and fast delivery.

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