Lamellar disk

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Lamelry discs are abrasive tools widely used for various sanding and finishing applications.

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Disco abraviso lamellare Fein 125 mm
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Fein 125 mm flap abrasive discFEIN In stock, 36 units
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Disco Lamellare Abra Beta
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Abra Beta Flap DiscBETA In stock, 144 units
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Disco Bi-Lamella Abra Beta Zirconio
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Bi-lamella abbra Beta Zirconio discoBETA In stock, 234 units
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Disco Lamellare Mono Abra Beta Feltro
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Mono Abra Beta felt laminated diskBETA In stock, 12 units
Disco Mono Lamellare Abra Beta Zirconio
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Mono lamellar disco Abra Beta ZirconioBETA In stock, 199 units
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Disco abrasivo Beta Ceramicato
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Beta Ceramic abrasive discBETA In stock, 110 units
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Lamellar disk

Lamellar disk

In this article, we will explore the structure, the advantages and the effective use of these records, providing crucial information to maximize their efficiency.

What is a lamellar disk

The lamellar discs are abrasive devices consisting of slats of abrasive material fixed on a support. This configuration offers a large sanding surface and allows a more uniform material removal than other abrasive tools.

Structure and operation

Abrasive lamellae are radially arranged around the disk hub. During use, the lamellae come into contact with the surface to be worked, ensuring uniform sanding and effective removal of the material.

Advantages of lamellar discs

The lamellar discs offer several advantages that make them favorite in many industrial and woodworking applications.

Superior sanding performance

Thanks to the arrangement of the lamellae, the lamellar discs offer higher sanding performance, reducing the risk of scratches and ensuring a more uniform finish.

Adaptability to different surfaces

The lamellar discs are highly adaptable to different surfaces, including metals, wood and other materials. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for multiple applications.

Duration and resistance

The robust structure of the lamellar discs contributes to their duration and resistance. These records can face intense jobs without compromising performance.

Effective use of lamellar discs

To get the maximum from the lamellar records, it is essential to understand how to use them effectively.

Choice of the appropriate disc

The choice of the disc depends on the type of material to be worked and the desired result. Different types of lamellae and grains are available to adapt to different needs.

Assembly and use procedures

The correct installation and use of lamellar discs are fundamental to guarantee optimal performance. Follow the recommended procedures to ensure safety and efficiency.

Maintenance of lamellar discs

Adequate maintenance contributes to prolonging the useful life of the lamellar records.

Cleaning and conservation

After use, thoroughly clean the records to remove residues and keep them in a dry and safe place.

Replacement of consumed records

When the lamellae consume, replace the disc to guarantee optimal results. Regularly monitor the status of the records during use.

Industrial applications

Lamelry discs find wide use in different industries, offering effective sanding solutions.

Metal sector

In the metal sector, the lamellar discs are used for the removal of rust, the preparation of the surfaces and the precise finish.

Wood finishing works

In the processing of wood, the lamellar discs are ideal for the removal of paints, sanding and finishing surfaces.


Lamelry records are indispensable tools for professionals and hobbyists engaged in sanding and finishing work. Their versatility, higher performance and duration make them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.