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In this section you will find consolidating primers, or fixatives for the support, everything you need for a better result of your work.


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Consolidante Fassa AG15
Sale priceFrom €41,00
Consolidating Fassa AG15FASSA In stock
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Primer Fassa DG74
Sale priceFrom €22,00 Regular price€22,45
Primer Fassa DG74FASSA In stock
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Fissativo murale Fassa MIKROS 001
Sale priceFrom €48,90 Regular price€54,00
Fassa MIKROS 001 wall fixativeFASSA In stock
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Aggrappante Fassa Primertek101
Sale price€58,00
Fassa Primertek101 primerFASSA In stock
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Fassa Epoxy 300
Sale price€157,00 Regular price€157,14
Fassa Epoxy 300FASSA Re-stocking soon
Fassa Epoxy 102 Acqua
Sale price€235,00
Fassa Epoxy 102 WaterFASSA In stock
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Fassa Epoxy 400
Sale price€148,00 Regular price€148,34
Fassa Epoxy 400FASSA Re-stocking soon
Detergente Fassa Active One
Sale priceFrom €13,00
Fassa Active One detergentFASSA In stock
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Lattice elastico Fassa Latex DR 843
Sale price€17,00
Fassa Latex DR 843 elastic latexFASSA Re-stocking soon
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Primer impermeabilizzante Fassa ADW
Sale price€161,00 Regular price€161,35
Fassa ADW waterproofing primerFASSA Re-stocking soon